The UN’s Latest Crusade: Digital IDs to Save the Planet


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The United Nations is once again rallying behind Bill Gates’ Digital ID initiative, now asserting that a global digital identity is “crucial” in the battle against climate change. How fortuitous that every climate change measure seems to conveniently empower the global elite and their governmental allies with more control. But surely, that must be just a coincidence.

Gates’ Grand Vision

Bill Gates is urging world governments to emulate the European Union and India by adopting his “global digital ID” system. This system comes with built-in features designed to exclude individuals from societal participation if they don’t toe the globalist line.

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According to the UN, Bill Gates’ Digital ID promises numerous benefits for the hundreds of millions who currently lack a means to establish their identity. The UN’s promotional literature waxes lyrical about how digitalization offers a pathway to bridging the global identity gap, claiming that digital legal identities are the cornerstone of digital public infrastructure and fostering interoperability among diverse systems.

A Utopian Vision

The UN insists that digital identity will help identify displaced people easily and enhance disaster preparedness. These IDs, they claim, store valuable personal information, including residence and medical conditions, which can be crucial during emergencies.

But wait, there’s more! The narrative conveniently omits that this same digital identity technology could grant the political elite unprecedented control over individuals’ lives. Imagine a world where governments can freeze your bank accounts, prevent you from buying flights, groceries, and other basic necessities, effectively locking you out of society.

The All-Seeing Eye of IDs

As Eva Vlaadingerbroek eloquently explains, “The digital identity is not just a passport on your iPhone. It entails just about everything the government would like to know about you.” She warns of the dangers, saying, “The government can shut you down. If you want to buy a burger, red screen—not for you. That flight—no go.”

The Threat of Authoritarianism: A New Level of Control

Vlaadingerbroek continues, “They are being very open and honest about what their goal is here. We should take their word very seriously and say hell no. We should cancel these communists immediately, and tell them to get the hell out of our private lives. We’re not having them track what we eat and where we go.”

Indeed, the global elite appear determined to usher in a new era of authoritarianism, one that could surpass the control seen in Mao’s China or Stalin’s Russia. Ominously, the World Economic Forum (WEF) is also pushing for Digital Public Infrastructure (DPI) enforcement, further underscoring the push towards a controlled society.

The Promise of a Cashless Society

The WEF envisions a world where cashless societies and digital IDs are not just the norm but are welcomed by the public, thanks to their “zero-knowledge tech.” It seems they believe the populace is naïve enough to embrace this surveillance state, unaware of the potential for abuse.

In conclusion, the push for a global digital ID, ostensibly to combat climate change, raises significant concerns about privacy, control, and the balance of power between citizens and their governments. While digital IDs may offer certain benefits, the potential for misuse and the erosion of personal freedoms cannot be ignored. The world must tread carefully, questioning the motives behind such sweeping changes and ensuring that the quest for control doesn’t overshadow the fight against climate change.

The narrative may sound like a dystopian satire, but as the adage goes, truth is stranger than fiction. The global elite’s push for digital IDs under the guise of environmentalism might just be the ultimate power play disguised as progress.

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