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Was Ukraine’s Cluster Bombing of Belgorod an Act of War? Who’s Accountable?

In the throes of geopolitical tension, Ukraine's strike on Belgorod with cluster bombs has plunged the region into a frenzied blame game. Accusations ricochet across diplomatic circles, pointing fingers at Ukraine's use of banned munitions, allegedly with the aid of NATO weaponry. Moscow's fervent calls for accountability at the UN Security Council depict a landscape of escalating conflict and high-stakes accusations.

Is the Dollar Dethroned? Iran and Russia Shift Trade to Ruble and Rial

In a daring pivot away from the customary global trade norm, Iran and Russia have cemented a historic agreement, bidding adieu to the US dollar in their bilateral trade relations. The ruble and the rial have taken center stage as the newfound stars of their financial ballet, showcasing a paradigm shift in international trade dynamics.

Is Russia’s Unprecedented Aerial Blitz on Ukraine a Signal for Global Catastrophe?

Amidst the chaos and destruction of Russia's recent aerial onslaught on Ukrainian soil, the world stands witness to an alarming escalation in the ongoing conflict. The thunderous roar of missiles and drones has shattered the relative calm, leaving a trail of devastation and despair in its wake. Ukrainian cities have borne the brunt of this unprecedented attack, with casualties mounting and infrastructure crumbling under the relentless assault.

Is Finland’s NATO Membership Endangering Regional Neutrality?

Finland's recent decision to cozy up to NATO has ruffled feathers and spiked concerns, particularly in the eyes of senior Russian diplomat Mikhail Ulyanov. His take? Finland's strategic shift from its long-standing neutrality to align with the US-led military bloc might just be a risky move, turning the country into a potential hotspot should tensions escalate with Russia. This transformation from a neutral neighbor of the USSR to a NATO ally has raised eyebrows and revived old concerns about geopolitical stability in the region.

Is Turkey’s Energy Dance with Russia Worth the Risk?

As Turkey continues to tango with Russia in the energy market, one can't help but wonder if this risky dance is truly worth it....


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Introduction to Central Bank Digital Currency (CBDC) Central Bank Digital...

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The relationship between oncologists and pharmaceutical companies has long...

Vatican Issues Guidelines for Apparitions, Aliens, and Supernatural Phenomena

The Vatican's recent release of guidelines on supernatural phenomena,...


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