Putin Issues Urgent Warning: US Preparing Bird Flu False Flag to Sabotage Election


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A Startling Accusation

In a shocking turn of events, Russian President Vladimir Putin has issued a grave warning to the world. He claims that the United States, under the control of Deep State operatives, is preparing to launch a second pandemic aimed at disrupting the 2024 election. This startling information was revealed during a military press conference in Russia, where officials outlined a supposed plot involving the release of an avian bioweapon.

The Alleged Plot: Avian Bioweapon False Flag

According to the Kremlin, the US plans to release a bird flu bioweapon before the November election. This act would allow the Biden administration to declare a state of emergency, implement lockdowns, and roll out Bill Gates’ new bird flu vaccine. Non-compliant citizens, they claim, would be sent to newly constructed secret detention facilities across all 50 states.

Bird Flu Outbreak: Are We Witnessing a Manufactured Food Crisis?

Emergency Powers and Vaccine Rollout

The alleged plan involves a series of drastic measures. By declaring a state of emergency, the Biden administration could gain extraordinary powers to control the population. The introduction of a new bird flu vaccine, developed by Bill Gates, would be a key component of this strategy. The vaccine rollout would be mandatory, and those who refuse could face severe consequences, including detention in secret facilities.

Global Elite Desperation

As legal pressures mount, the global elite are said to be more desperate than ever. The Kremlin urges the world to stay vigilant, questioning every move made by the Biden administration. The stakes are high, and according to Russian officials, the globalists are prepared to go to extreme lengths to ensure their hold on power.

CDC Declares New Bird Flu Symptom: ‘No Symptoms at All’

Questioning the Narrative

With these alarming claims, it’s crucial to critically evaluate the information presented. Is there evidence to support such a conspiracy, or is this a strategic move by Russia to influence global opinion? As the election approaches, the importance of discerning truth from misinformation becomes increasingly vital.

A Call for Vigilance

In these uncertain times, staying informed and critically analyzing all information is more important than ever. Whether or not the allegations hold any truth, the message is clear: be vigilant, question everything, and remain aware of the broader political landscape as we move closer to the 2024 election.

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    • About 10-15 years ago my former husband, who passed away in April 2020 from a heart attack, and for whom his daughters and I could not have a funeral, TOLD ME about the FEMA camps and the huge stacks of caskets they have ready to go. At the time I thought FEMA was merely prepared for a major hurricane or earthquake. Now I know what he was referring to…and I’m honestly glad he isn’t here to see this outrage.

  1. I have said all along – it doesn’t matter if Trump is leading in the polls or not, Biden/Obama will STEAL this election just like they did in 20! Our country is finished! We’ve openly gone against God’s Word so long, I believe it’s like a rock rolling downhill – it just keeps picking up speed!

        • All you have to do is pay attention to all the poultry and now crossing g over to cows. They’ve already started the narrative for you to accept it. Do your research on Gates,NWO, and his depopulation.
          Are you one one of those people who still think Biden is fit to president after seeing g the debate.?

          • Come to Australia they are killing millions of chickens in the name of bird flu .
            Si you can bull shit all you want but they are exterminating chickens si no eggs no chicken meat.
            A food source is being destroyed in Australia.
            Wake the fuck up mate they don’t want America election happening after Biden absolutely no brain function in the debate .
            Yes I seen the female camps and the coffins that came out of America at the start of Covid.
            Australia has its own wellness camps ready to go as well with gas pipe in no outlet.
            Gates had his diease X made and vaccine ready to go before the 189 countries were to sign the WHO HEALTH TREATY giving them powers over every human in.the world.
            Si yes the immediate threat to all America is real be vigilant.

        • you need a helmet if you don’t think these creatures are plotting something.

          They are akin to a pack of rabid wolves backed into a corner frothing at the mouth, growling, screeching, scratching and clawing in a feeble attempt to avoid their inevitable demise.

        • how does any country know any thing?
          how do you think!
          It is called intelligence gathering!
          Its been a thing for as long as man kind has been here and formed civilizations!

        • Putin has been in power for 30 years, rigging elections and changing the constitution to suit himself. Because of his irremovability, unaccountability and impunity he imagines himself a god.

          This guy is a spy by education, way of thinking and previous work experience; he demonstrates professional deformation in everything he does. He has created for himself a certain world filled with a huge number of enemies and spies, and in this world there is such a noble knight without fear and reproach who fights against all non-humans/villains.
          It’s the world of the paranoid.

          So far, Russia has won one clean victory – the victory over reason. Everything according to the classic scheme of authoritarian regimes: first the autocrat falls into madness, then the propaganda, and then the whole society loses touch with reality. It all ends in a lot of blood.
          The case of Russia is a textbook example.

        • Well, there’s a Bird Flu conference coming up at the beginning of October in DC. It’ll be much like Event 201 where they gamed C19. The itinerary is pretty interesting!!!
          By the way, if you want to know what is going on in the world and what is coming before it happens, read your Bible-especially the prophets and Revelation. Watch Amazingpolly.net, and the Corbett Report podcast and website.

      • National unity is of the utmost importance if Americans are to take the country back into their own hands. You must not be divided into right-wing and left-wing factions. You must fight for one cause as fellow Americans.
        The political division between the right and the left is not as big a problem as this issue.
        If we do not resolve this issue, all Americans may lose their freedom. An America that loses its freedom is as good as having lost its country.

    • Steven, you’re 100% right! Bill Gates and George Soros are two of the deep state globalists. Five billionaires paid one billion dollars into electing Biden. That election was rigged for Biden. They could control Biden but not Trump. They are controlling this election too. Watch for Hillary to make a move. If the Republicans don’t win this election, we are doomed to become part of the New World Order with one party system.

    • Happening everywhere my friend. We are doomed here in Canada too. Trudeau has destroyed us and continues to do so. He knows he’s not wanted based in the by-election but refuses to call an election. He won’t go away.

  2. BINGO It has to be something this dramatic. A final way to get the rest of us suppressed under their totalitarian regime. Only God can save us.

  3. Thank you for this information. I wish the American Citizens would come out of their comas and just look around. I knew the politicians in office would NEVER release their power.

    It’s time for Citizens to ban together and stand together. if you people fall for this, WE ARE FINISHED.

  4. I completely agree with Lori & Steven. Nothing the Deep State does surprises me. They will go to extraordinary methods to stay in power. Jill Biden should be arrested as she’s causing Elder Abuse upon Joe. He can’t stay focused & loses his place easily as well as walks off. My Dad did the same thing as he had early stage dementia. ANYTHING Bill Gates is involved in is deadly such as his cure for Covid & Avian Flu. His new spray on fruits & veggies to “preserve” them is cancerous. He’s always wanted to world population decreased & he’s doing it. Thanks Chris for posting this as I’ve forwarded it to many.

  5. Interesting, however there is absolutely no reason to release a new bug to screw up elections. The Dem’s are already experts in tampering with election results and it’s gonna’ be a rerun of 2020.

  6. Seriously you just made this up out of thin air. Link to a video or a Russian article to prove Putin said this, otherwise you’re worse than mainstream media.

  7. The democrats and Biden are panicked. Newsome will not be the answer . I believe and have said for a long time if you want to control the populace control their food . That’s happening now
    If we have another pandemic it allows Biden to enact emergency powers and postpone the election.
    Zelenskyy just did it in Ukraine!
    I always would say “ they can’t do that “ to my wife but have now been wrong about vaccine mandates Shutdowns , going after Trump with legal actions all unprecedented . The handling of the truckers strike in Canada was a trial run and the first pandemic was a litmus test to identify where and who the resistance will be .

  8. So wait a minute. Why are we taking notes and heads up from Putin? Head of the KGB and someone who refuses his own citizens freedom to even run against him without losing their life. Why would he be so interested in transparency and honesty all of a sudden? This sounds more like another extension of his overall plan, his KGB background and psychological warfare is written all over this post.

  9. There is a new virulent Monkeypox circulating in the Congo that spreads’ by mere touch. Does it get here before the “Bird Flu”?

  10. What a bullshit again… Sounds like Q shit …
    Putin never speaks or takes words like deep state in his mouth.

    So i stopped reading there…

    And by the way, Putin is deep state. Most people are still blind and do not see what game they are playing.
    People fall for the same illusion again.


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