CDC Declares New Bird Flu Symptom: ‘No Symptoms at All’


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The Centers, for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) has recently revealed a finding related to the H5N1 bird flu in humans; one of the symptoms is actually having no symptoms at all. This revelation brings back memories of the COVID 19 era with its twist.

Are we on the brink of facing measures like lockdowns, mask mandates and mandatory vaccinations again? These measures are being proposed to protect individuals from carriers of bird flu who may not exhibit any signs of being ill. It seems like a setup for actions under the guise of safeguarding public health.

In their update on influenza the CDC highlighted that human illness caused by avian influenza viruses can vary widely in severity ranging from no symptoms or mild sickness to cases leading to fatality. Essentially you could be unwell, without showing any signs of it.

For those observant to notice patterns in strategies this situation might feel oddly familiar—a case of history repeating itself.Do you recall when the world came to a halt, in the name of safeguarding us from COVID 19, a virus known for causing respiratory syndrome sometimes even without any noticeable symptoms?

Lets talk about Bill Gates and his involvement in the Bird Flu scenario. It’s quite intriguing that a bird flu vaccine backed by Gates for the H5N1 strain is now undergoing trials on time. Coincidence? According to mainstream media yes. Gates, known for his forward thinking approach has made an announcement regarding an agreement to distribute this vaccine to developing countries.

The called “philanthropist,” who often praises vaccines as investments with significant returns appears to have once again showcased his knack for predicting future events. Who would have thought?

It almost feels like we’re stuck in our version of Groundhog Day. The pattern of instilling fear followed by imposing restrictions and promptly introducing a vaccine seems to be repeating itself again.. Fret not; it’s all supposedly, in our interest. Who needs symptoms when dealing with a health emergency anyway?

So hang tight everyone. As we navigate through what seems like Plandemic 2.0 remember to stay alert.
In this era not showing symptoms is seen as another symptom.

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