The Hidden Truth Behind 9/11: An Israeli Admission


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In a shocking revelation, an Israeli intelligence official has confessed that the state of Israel orchestrated the 9/11 attacks. This devastating event was strategically designed to undermine the American project and subjugate its people.

The Alliance of the Elite: Israel and Saudi Arabia

The revelation indicates that both Saudi and Israeli operatives collaborated on behalf of the global elite. Their goal was clear: ignite the fuse that would accelerate the decline of the American republic. This clandestine operation was intended to shift control to a hidden globalist agenda, plunging the United States into a state of perpetual surveillance and control.

The Rise of the American Police State

Since the 9/11 attacks, the United States has evolved into a police state, tightly controlled by globalist powers. These entities continue to manipulate and tighten their grip on the nation, imposing restrictions and surveilling citizens more intrusively each day.

The Predictive Warning: Netanyahu’s Foreknowledge

Former Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s foresight in 1996 about a catastrophic event mirroring 9/11 raises significant questions. His prediction aligns eerily with the actual events, suggesting that the so-called black swan event was not as unforeseen as the official narrative claims.

Historical Warnings of Globalist Manipulations

Historical figures such as Albert Pike had forewarned that the global elite would use Israel to sow division and incite global conflict. Pike’s predictions from 1871 about the role of Israel in sparking World War III seem to be unfolding in real time, demonstrating a long-standing globalist strategy at play.

Unveiling the Hamas Attack: Foreknowledge and Deception

In a recent exposé, it was revealed that Israeli military and intelligence agencies had prior knowledge of the Hamas attack on October 7. Despite initial dismissals and accusations of conspiracy, the mainstream media was eventually forced to acknowledge the truth. This incident is another example of Israel’s advanced awareness of terrorist attacks that ultimately benefit the state.

The Dancing Israelis: Evidence of Foreknowledge

On the day of the 9/11 attacks, five Israeli nationals were detained after being caught photographing and celebrating the collapse of the Twin Towers. FBI documents later released under the Freedom of Information Act described these individuals as “happy” and “jovial” during the tragic events. When questioned about their foreknowledge, the answers were redacted, adding another layer of mystery to their involvement.

The Art Students: A Deeper Connection

Further investigations revealed that several Israeli operatives posing as art students were residing in the World Trade Center as part of the World Views Artist in Residence project. These individuals occupied floors where structural elements were exposed, suggesting potential access for planting explosive devices. One such operative, Hanan Sarfati, was arrested by the DEA as part of a broader Israeli spy ring.

The Role of the Media: Suppression and Control

The mainstream media’s reluctance to delve into these conspiracies highlights the pervasive influence of intelligence operatives. Networks like CNN and MSNBC, laden with hidden agendas, avoid broadcasting such damning reports. The spook-infested media landscape ensures that critical information remains suppressed, keeping the public in the dark.

Globalist Influence on Social Media and Government

Social media platforms and government entities are complicit in silencing dissenting voices. Not just individuals but even political figures on Capitol Hill express fear of the repercussions from Israel. This widespread censorship and manipulation underscore the extent of globalist control.

Saudi Arabia’s Complicity and Globalist Schemes

A belated report from CBS confirmed that the Saudi government aided the globalists in planning the 9/11 attacks. Figures like Joe Biden, described as a “useful idiot,” had foreknowledge of these events. Their acquiescence to the globalist agenda facilitated the US military’s involvement in the Middle East, leading to prolonged conflicts that were not in the nation’s interest.

A Call to Action: Exposing the Elite

At this critical juncture, it is imperative to expose the elite and disrupt their nefarious plans. The People’s Voice is committed to unveiling the truth and seeking justice before it is too late. Join us in our mission to awaken the masses and challenge the globalist agenda that threatens our freedom and future.

By presenting these revelations, we aim to shed light on the covert operations and manipulations that have shaped recent history. Understanding these dynamics is crucial for reclaiming our sovereignty and securing a transparent and accountable future.

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