Pope Francis Roasts Climate Change Deniers: They’re as Foolish as Lucifer Himself


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In a fiery verbal sermon, Pope Francis didn’t mince words when he likened climate change deniers to, well, the devil. In an interview with CBS News, the Pontiff boldly declared that those who turn a blind eye to the reality of climate change are “as dumb as the Devil himself,” sending shockwaves through the realms of science and skepticism alike.

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Pope Francis vs. Climate Change Skeptics: A Divine Showdown

Pope Francis, the outspoken leader of the Catholic Church, recently took aim at climate change skeptics in an interview that left jaws dropping. Here’s a breakdown of the divine drama:

The Pontiff’s Proclamation

With all the fervor of a preacher on a pulpit, Pope Francis unleashed a scathing critique of climate change denial. According to His Holiness, those who deny the reality of climate change are not just lacking in intelligence but are also stubbornly refusing to acknowledge the overwhelming evidence at hand.

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Divine Revelations

During the interview, Pope Francis didn’t just stop at calling out climate change deniers; he also emphasized the urgency of the situation. Urging for swift action, he emphasized the need to ditch fossil fuels and embrace cleaner, more sustainable energy sources.

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The Holy War on Climate Change

Pope Francis has been leading the charge in the battle against climate change, rallying believers and non-believers alike to join the fight. With his impassioned pleas for environmental stewardship, he’s become a leading voice in the global conversation on climate action.

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The Devil’s Advocates

Despite the overwhelming scientific consensus on climate change, there are still those who refuse to accept the truth. Pope Francis didn’t hold back in calling out these skeptics, equating their denial to a pact with the devil himself.

Divine Intervention or Devil’s Advocacy?

As the debate over climate change rages on, Pope Francis’s words serve as a reminder of the moral imperative to act. Whether you’re a believer or a skeptic, one thing is clear: the time for action is now, before it’s too late.

Conclusion: A Call to Arms

In the battle against climate change, there’s no room for ignorance or denial. Pope Francis’s bold proclamation serves as a wake-up call to all who would dare ignore the signs of a planet in peril. It’s time to heed his words and take action before it’s too late say the SAME people that pushed the experimental DRUG, remember?

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