EU Official Exposes ‘Climate Emergency’ as Alleged Depopulation Scheme


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IN a startling revelation, a high-ranking European Union official has come forward to expose the “climate emergency” narrative, labeling it a purported “depopulation scam.” The disclosure sheds light on the contentious World Economic Forum’s (WEF) Green Deal, endorsed by Eurpoean Commission President Ursula von der Leyen, which includes controversial proposals such as 15-minute cities, the prohibition of meat and dairy products, and substantial tax hikes. These measures have triggered widespread protests, particularly among European farmers.

Controversial Green Deal Sparks Public Outcry

The WEF’s Green Deal, championed by von der Leyen, has been met with significant resistance, with protestors vehemently opposing its drastic proposals. Of particular note is the banning of meat and dairy products, which has elicited strong reactions from farmers across Europe. The discontent has prompted German Member of the European Parliament (MEP) Christine Anderson to assert that protestors are not extremists; rather, she identifies the government as the true extremists.

MEP Criticizes Globalist Policies and Economic Consequences

MEP Anderson takes a bold stance against what she perceives as globalist policies prioritizing the “climate emergency” over economic stability. She laments the current state of the economy, describing it as being in shambles, with a wave of bankruptcies sweeping the country. According to her, these dire economic consequences are a direct result of prioritizing climate-related initiatives.

Call for an End to Climate Policies

Expressing concern over the economic fallout, MEP Anderson urges the government to abandon what she terms as “climate nonsense.” In a strong rebuke, she calls upon authorities to cease burdening citizens with the financial toll of what she deems “crazy, ideological, and mentally-retarded projects.” Her plea underscores the growing discontent among segments of the population who perceive the climate agenda as a potential threat to economic stability.

As this revelation unfolds, it raises questions about the broader implications of climate policies and their impact on public sentiment, economic well-being, and the perceived motivations behind global initiatives such as the WEF’s Green Deal.

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