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Diplomatic Dazzle Insights

Netanyahu Claims Victory Over Iran’s Failed Assault

In a resounding declaration of triumph, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has asserted that Israel has successfully thwarted a massive onslaught of drones and...

Louisiana Senate Unanimously Strikes Down WEF, UN, and WHO Influence

Taking a Stand Against Globalist Overreach In a resounding 37-0 victory, the Louisiana Senate has boldly declared its independence from the shackles of international influence,...

Indiana Prepares for Solar Eclipse and CERN Launch: A State of Emergency Declared

Indiana gears up for an extraordinary celestial event as it braces itself for the upcoming solar eclipse slated for April 8th, 2024. Adding to...

US Congressman’s Shocking Proposal: “Gaza Should Be Dealt With Like ‘Hiroshima & Nagasaki’”

Reckless Rhetoric or Nuclear Nonsense? The Fallout of Rep. Tim Walberg's Controversial Comments In a bizarre turn of events, Michigan Congressman Tim Walberg has stirred...

Biden’s Easter Faux Pas: From Resurrection to “Transgender Day of Visibility”

President Biden's decision to merge Easter Sunday with the "Transgender Day of Visibility" has sparked a heated debate across the nation, drawing both criticism and support from various corners.




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