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Government Cover-Up Exposed: 15 US Agencies Knew About Wuhan Lab’s COVID-19-like Virus Creation Attempt, Rand Paul Reveals

Amidst the sea of theories surrounding the origins of COVID-19, Senator Rand Paul (R-KY) is donning his investigative hat and stirring the pot with...

Pfizer Apologizes for Spreading Misinformation on mRNA Shots: A Critical Examination

While the apology issued by Pfizer is a step in the right direction, tangible actions must follow suit to rectify the damage inflicted and restore public trust

Pfizer Vaccine: A DNA Roulette or Cancer’s New Best Friend?

Top Biochemist Warns Single Pfizer Shot Contains Enough ‘Rogue DNA’ To Cause Cancer

Processed Foods and Cognitive Health: Understanding the Link to Dementia

Are you aware of the sneaky culprit lurking in your pantry, potentially threatening your cognitive health? A recent study has shed light on the...

Remembering Juan Vicente Perez Mora: A Legacy of Longevity

Juan Vicente Perez Mora, the Venezuelan farmer who held the title of the world's oldest man, passed away at the remarkable age of 114....




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