Wellness Trends 2022: What to Watch Out for in the World of Health and Wellness


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Oh, boy! It’s that time of the year again where we delve into the world of wellness trends for 2022. Get ready to roll your eyes and cringe as we explore the latest fads in health and wellness that will surely make you question humanity’s sanity.

First up on our list is the ever-present “detox” trend. Forget about science and logic, because cleansing your body from imaginary toxins is all the rage. Who needs evidence-based medicine when you can pay a ridiculous amount of money for a juice cleanse that will leave you feeling hungry and grumpy? Don’t worry about any long-term effects or sustainability; just focus on that temporary feeling of superiority over all your toxic friends.

Next on our sarcastic journey is the wonderful world of “healing crystals.” Yes, because why rely on modern medicine when you can simply rub a rock on your forehead and expect miracles? Apparently, these magical stones have the power to align your chakras, cure ailments, and even ward off negative energy. Of course, any effect these crystals may have is purely placebo, but who needs real solutions when you can just carry a piece of quartz in your pocket and pretend to be a mystical guru?

Let’s not forget the delightful trend of “vaginal steaming.” Ladies, who needs privacy and dignity when you can squat over a pot of hot water infused with herbs? Apparently, this ancient practice will cleanse, detoxify, and rejuvenate your lady parts. I mean, who needs gynecologists and their fancy medical degrees when you can just steam your precious bits away? Just make sure you take a selfie for Instagram while you’re at it because nothing says #selfcare like sharing your steamy escapade with the world.

Now, brace yourself for the latest obsession: “emotional support animals” for everything. No, we’re not talking about your dog or cat—those are so 2021. We’re talking about emotional support peacocks, llamas, and even miniature pigs. Who needs actual mental health support when you can parade around with a zoo by your side? Forget about the people who suffer from legitimate mental health issues; this trend is all about being trendy and cute. Just make sure you don’t confuse your emotional support pig with your lunchtime bacon.

Last but certainly not least on our list is the “sound bath” trend. Yes, forget about actual relaxation techniques; all you need is someone banging on some gongs and singing bowls to achieve inner peace. Apparently, the vibrations produced by these instruments have mystical healing properties that can cure physical and emotional ailments. Who needs therapy or medication when you can just lie on the floor and listen to the soothing sounds of a grown man hitting metal objects?

So there you have it, folks, the woo-woo wellness trends of 2022. Remember, if you truly want to achieve optimal health, ignore science, logic, and reason. Just spend heaps of money on ludicrous practices, gadgets, and animals, and don’t forget to Instagram every second of it for maximum attention-seeking. Because who needs genuine well-being when you can have the illusion of it, right? Happy wellness trend hunting, everyone!

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