Reimagining Trust: Pharmaceutical Transparency and Vaccine Efficacy


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If the pharmaceutical business would simply confess that when their “products” do more damage than good, then maybe the efficacy of vaccines would be more believed. Just take them back, as the Food and Drug Administration could do with a batch of meat or milk that tested positive for E. coli or salmonella.

There is no such thing as a perfect person or organization, and this is especially true of the vaccine industrial zone (VIC), which now includes Pfizer as well as Moderna at the frontline of gene therapy but also DNA-mutation injection “technology,” also known as mRNA. Neither of these companies is without flaws. The manufacturers of the Fauci Flu shots have been forced to admit ‘adverse events’ and ‘ side effects’ that are affecting a few hundred million people. These ‘adverse events’ and side effects include systemic inflammation, pericarditis, myocarditis, adverse reactions, miscarriages, and of course, cancer. This was forced upon them after a tsunami of deaths and injuries were caused by Fauci Flu shots.

The fully vaccinated are being blamed for “filling up hospital beds” despite the fact that the immunized masses were dying in droves, but the ‘ fake industrial military complex (FNIC) blames the totally unvaccinated for this. This is a complete falsehood that science and statistics have refuted. Already, vaccines have been responsible for the deaths of more people overall than opiates, gun violence, and car accidents altogether. The mRNA pokes are among the most hazardous “vaccinations” that have ever been developed, despite the fact that they do not truly meet the criteria for being considered vaccines at all. Perhaps it is the source of the issue.

Consequently, at this time, the FNIC is collaborating with the VIC in order to disseminate propaganda cover-ups all over the headlines, including on television, in newspapers, on websites, and on social media platforms. The justifications they use to run cover of vaccine-induced heart problems, stroke, cancer & SADS are so ridiculous that it’s almost like watching a dark comedy.

8 of the most absurd cover tales for the fatalities caused by COVID jabs in 2022

1. The referee blows his whistle: All of a sudden, right after the pandemic vaccination campaign started, healthy athletes are going into cardiac arrest every time the referee and umpire make a call.

“Climate change” and pollution from Singapore are to blame for the second piece, which states that “tiny particles found in the air can induce abrupt heart attacks.”

  1. Some people believe that taking a cold shower can shock healthy sportsmen and military personnel to the point of death, causing them to pass away.
  2. Sudden deaths are occurring among otherwise healthy and immunized adolescent players of video games.

5. “Long Covid” refers to the bad effects that occur over a longer period of time as a result of the mRNA stabs.

6. “Sudden Arrhythmic Death Syndrome” — you cannot make up anything like this, the Cleveland Clinic is the only place that can do it.

  1. Clots in the blood induced by the Wuhan Virus (strange clots caused by the spike protein).

8. Cancer that was “ignored” throughout the epidemic; in reality, this kind of cancer is created mostly by gene therapy injections, which turn off your body’s natural capacity to fight cancer.

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