Peru Officially Labels Transgender and Non-Binary People as Mentally Ill: Controversy and Outcry


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The government of Peru has sparked significant controversy by officially classifying transgender and non-binary individuals as “mentally ill.” This decision aims to ensure the country’s public health services can provide comprehensive mental health care for the trans community, according to a statement from the Peruvian health ministry, as reported by the Telegraph.

The Government’s Justification

Peru’s health ministry explained that this classification change is meant to update the language in the Essentials Health Insurance Plan. By defining transgender and non-binary identities as mental disorders, the government believes it can guarantee full coverage for medical attention related to mental health issues for these individuals. This move has been reported by various news outlets, including Pink News, which emphasizes the government’s intention to enhance healthcare services for the trans community.

No Forced Conversion Therapies

Despite this controversial classification, the health ministry has assured that transgender and LGBTQ+ individuals will not be subjected to forced conversion therapies. In a statement issued on Friday, the ministry clarified that the new decree is focused on providing necessary mental health support rather than coercive treatments.

Backlash from LGBTQ+ Activist Groups

Unsurprisingly, this decision has been met with fierce criticism from LGBTQ+ activist groups across Peru. They argue that labeling transgender and non-binary people as mentally ill is a significant regression in the fight for their rights and safety.

Jheinser Pacaya, director of OutfestPeru, voiced his dismay on social media platform X, stating, “100 years after the decriminalization of homosexuality, the @Minsa_Peru has nothing better to do than to include trans people in the category of mental illnesses.”

Mixed Reactions from the Public

While the Western mainstream media has widely condemned Peru’s decision, there are also voices in support of the legislation. Some commenters argue that this classification is a medically responsible approach to addressing mental health needs.

Scott Bruce, a supporter of the decree, stated, “This is the medically responsible thing to do. And no, it’s not threatening their rights. No one is threatening their humanity. It’s about treating a patient who needs help in confronting a mental disorder that they can heal from with therapy—not enabled with hormones and surgery.”

Another commenter, JK, added, “Their assessment is correct. We could use a lot more of this honesty in the US.”

The Global Perspective

Peru’s decision has not only ignited a national debate but has also drawn international attention. The classification of transgender and non-binary individuals as mentally ill contradicts the stance of many global health organizations, including the World Health Organization (WHO). In recent years, the WHO has removed transgender identities from the list of mental disorders, recognizing the importance of affirming care and the potential harm of stigmatization.

The Way Forward

The path ahead for Peru’s transgender and non-binary community remains uncertain. Activist groups continue to campaign for the reversal of this classification, advocating for policies that respect and affirm their identities without medical pathologization.

The health ministry’s assurance that conversion therapies will not be enforced offers some reassurance, but the broader implications of this decree on societal attitudes and the daily lives of transgender and non-binary individuals in Peru remain deeply concerning.


Peru’s recent classification of transgender and non-binary people as mentally ill is a polarizing issue that has sparked both domestic and international debate. While the government asserts that this move is aimed at improving mental health services, critics argue it is a step backward in the fight for LGBTQ+ rights. The mixed reactions highlight the ongoing struggle between medical perspectives, human rights, and societal acceptance in the context of gender identity. The world watches as Peru navigates this contentious issue, with the hope that the rights and dignity of all individuals will be upheld.

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