Prime Minister Who Opposed WHO Pandemic Treaty in Critical Condition After Assassination Attempt


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Slovakia’s Prime Minister Robert Fico, known for his strong anti-globalist stance, is in a critical condition following an assassination attempt. The incident, which has left Fico fighting for his life, occurred just as his opposition to the WHO Pandemic Treaty reached its peak.

A Fierce Opponent of Globalism

Robert Fico has established himself as one of Europe’s most vocal anti-globalist leaders. His unwavering stance against the war in Ukraine and his significant opposition to the WHO Pandemic Treaty have positioned him as a prominent figure resisting globalist agendas. Fico’s recent actions, including initiating an investigation into Slovakia’s COVID-19 response and the rollout of mRNA vaccines, have further amplified his defiance against the World Economic Forum (WEF) and other global institutions.

The Assassination Attempt

Onlookers were left in shock when news broke of the assassination attempt on Fico. The incident occurred in Handlova, approximately 150 kilometers northeast of the Slovak capital, during a government meeting at the House of Culture. Eyewitnesses reported seeing Fico being lifted by security guards and quickly transported to a hospital.

Local authorities have confirmed that a suspect is in custody. The Prime Minister was reportedly hit by 2-3 gunshot wounds, affecting his limb, chest, and abdomen. Despite initial fears, reports indicate that he is currently out of immediate danger and undergoing surgery.

The Immediate Aftermath

The Associated Press shared details about the incident, revealing the chaotic scene that unfolded. Video footage captured the immediate aftermath, showing the frantic efforts to save Fico. Witnesses described hearing someone in the crowd call out to Fico moments before the shooting started, leading to a scene of panic and urgency.

Slovakia’s Reaction

The assassination attempt has sent shockwaves throughout Slovakia. Fico had previously warned his supporters about potential threats to his life due to his political actions. However, the actual attempt on his life has brought a new level of urgency and fear to his warnings.

Globalist Resistance

Fico’s stance against the WHO Pandemic Treaty and the globalist agenda has made him a target. His actions, including the investigation into COVID-19 policies, have angered many within the globalist community. The attempt on his life is seen by his supporters as a direct attack by those trying to eliminate resistance to their plans.

The Road Ahead

As Fico fights for his life, Slovakia and the world watch closely. His recovery is not just a matter of personal health but a symbol of resistance against globalist agendas. The coming days will determine not only Fico’s future but also the future of Slovakia’s stance on global policies.


The assassination attempt on Prime Minister Robert Fico is a stark reminder of the dangers faced by leaders who oppose powerful global agendas. As Slovakia grapples with this shocking event, the world watches to see how this will impact the broader fight against globalism and the pursuit of national sovereignty.

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