Liberal World Order on the Brink of Destruction, Claims Hungarian PM Orbán


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In a stunning declaration that’s sure to ruffle some feathers, Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orbán has boldly proclaimed the impending demise of the Western liberal hegemony that has long held sway over global affairs. According to Orbán, the values system that has purportedly brought nothing but chaos and unrest to the world is teetering on the edge of collapse, with its days numbered.

Orbán’s remarks were delivered with characteristic bravado at the Conservative Political Action Conference (CPAC Hungary) in Budapest, where he wasted no time lambasting the existing “world order based on progressive liberal hegemony.” In his view, this order has not only failed spectacularly but has also paved the way for a slew of inept leaders who are seemingly more adept at winning beauty pageants than fostering peace and prosperity.

The Hungarian PM didn’t mince words when accusing liberal politicians of orchestrating a grand scheme of “hegemonic ideological control,” wherein dissent is quashed and state institutions are repurposed as instruments of oppression. To Orbán, this constitutes a grave threat that must be confronted head-on.

But fear not, for according to Orbán, the end of the liberal reign of terror may be nigh. With the EU Parliament and US presidential elections looming on the horizon, he prophesied that the proponents of the old world order could soon find themselves ousted from power. Orbán’s audacious plan? To reclaim sovereignty for nations and usher in an era where national interests reign supreme, unshackled from the constraints of a suffocating global ideology.

In his rallying cry for a new world order, Orbán implored his audience to envision a future where peace and security are not mere lofty aspirations but tangible realities. “Let’s make America great again, let’s make Europe great again,” he declared, echoing the sentiments of a bygone era when greatness was supposedly synonymous with dominance.

In Orbán’s worldview, the emergence of a new world order founded on the principles of true sovereignty represents a beacon of hope amidst the prevailing chaos. Gone will be the days of strife and discord brought about by the failed experiment of progressive liberal hegemony. Instead, nations will chart their own course, guided by the pursuit of their individual national interests.

HOT TAKE: Liberal World Order Must Be Destroyed Says Hungarian PM Orbán

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