World Economic Forum’s Plot to Ban Cash Exposed


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In a move that reeks of elitism, the World Economic Forum (WEF) is pushing governments to outlaw cash transactions for the common folk, reserving the privilege for the select few deemed worthy by their standards. This revelation comes hot on the heels of a clandestine summit hosted by the WEF in Saudi Arabia, where the shady details of their grand scheme were quietly shared among the global elite.

The WEF’s Secret Summit: A Digital Dystopia Unveiled

Gathered in the opulent halls of Saudi Arabia, the WEF unveiled its dystopian dream—a world where physical currency is but a relic of the past, replaced by a soulless digital system. Shockingly, they admitted that the chaos of the Covid pandemic served as the perfect smokescreen to nudge the masses towards their cashless utopia.

Big Brother’s Wet Dream: Bye-Bye Cash, Hello Control

Central Bank Governor of Bahrain, Khalid Humaidan, brazenly declared that the common folk lack the wisdom to manage their own funds. According to him, the elite must take charge and scrap cash entirely in favor of a digital panopticon. Humaidan even had the audacity to claim that we, the people, would meekly accept this blatant power grab.

A Brave New World: Where Your Wallet Is Their Playground

Picture this: a world where every penny you spend is scrutinized under the watchful eyes of the elite. European Central Bank president Christine Lagarde let slip that their digital currency won’t offer an ounce of privacy. Oh, but fear not, they promise not to obliterate cash completely. How generous of them.

Digital Cash vs. Traditional Currency: Who Will Win the Battle of the Wallets?

Promises, Promises: Elite Backtracking 101

Remember when they swore not to wipe out cash entirely? Well, surprise, surprise—they’ve already reneged on that pledge. Cornell University professor Eswar Prasad spilled the beans at the WEF’s ‘Summer Davos’ summit, revealing their insidious plan to surveil every transaction on the planet. Talk about a privacy nightmare.

The Biden Administration: Puppets on Parade

While the Biden administration fumbles in the spotlight, the globalists are pulling the strings behind the scenes. Chair of the Council of Economic Advisers, Jared Bernstein, with a background in music and social welfare, epitomizes their incompetence. It’s crystal clear: the global elite handpicked them for their lack of economic acumen.

Welcome to the Totalitarian Playground: Australia Edition

Down Under, Australia is fast becoming the guinea pig for the elite’s authoritarian fantasies. With a government infiltrated by the WEF’s lackeys, they’re on the fast track to banishing cash in favor of a digital dystopia. And let’s not forget the mandatory ‘digital passport’—Bill Gates approved, of course.

EU’s Digital ID: Your Ticket to Exclusion

Over in the European Union, they’re eagerly embracing Bill Gates’ Digital ID, designed to weed out dissenters from their utopian vision. The People’s Voice warned of this impending nightmare, only to be dismissed as conspiracy theorists. Well, who’s laughing now?

Conclusion: The Elite’s Game of Control

As the noose tightens around our financial freedoms, it’s clear the globalists’ endgame is total domination. They scoff at our concerns, dismissing us as mere pawns in their grand chess game. But remember, knowledge is power, and together, we can thwart their sinister agenda. Stay vigilant, stay informed, and never surrender to their digital tyranny.

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