House Speaker Mike Johnson Casts Doubt on Biden’s Authority: A Deeper Look at Immigration Policies


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In a recent interview with Fox Business, House Speaker Mike Johnson raised eyebrows by expressing skepticism about President Joe Biden’s actual role in decision-making. Let’s delve into Johnson’s perspective and the ongoing debate surrounding Biden’s leadership, particularly in the realm of immigration policies.

The Biden Administration’s Immigration Policies Under Scrutiny

As the spotlight intensifies on the Biden administration’s approach to immigration, Johnson voiced his reservations during the interview. Specifically addressing Biden’s immigration policies, Johnson asserted, “I’m not sure Joe Biden is actually making these decisions.”

Challenges with Executive Action on the U.S.-Mexico Border

During the “Mornings with Maria” interview, Johnson shared his frustration, alleging that Biden’s staff was impeding the president from taking necessary executive actions to secure the U.S. border with Mexico. Johnson disclosed his persistent efforts to convince the president to reinstate the “Remain in Mexico” policy initiated by former President Donald Trump and resume the construction of the border wall.

Stalled Efforts and Presidential Authority

Despite Johnson’s endeavors to persuade Biden, the president maintains that he lacks the authority to implement these actions without congressional support. Johnson countered this claim, emphasizing that Biden possesses the necessary authority, having presented the relevant legal provisions to the president himself.

” I’ve read to him the law myself– to the president,” Johnson stated. “Read him the provisions of the law and said, ‘Mr. President, please take action.'”.

Debunking Presidential Constraints.

Johnson’s skepticism extends to Biden’s insistence that executive action requires prior congressional approval. “I don’t think he’s allowed to do it,” Johnson speculated, emphasizing his uncertainty about Biden being the ultimate decision-maker. According to Johnson, it appears that the staff surrounding Biden is influencing the president’s stance on keeping the border open.

The Path Forward and Potential Impacts.

As discussions surrounding immigration policies persist, the looming question is whether Biden will take decisive executive action or continue to defer to Congress. With the border deal negotiated in the Senate facing potential challenges in the Republican-controlled House, the fate of immigration policies remains uncertain until after the November election.

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