WEF’s AMbitious Agenda: American Leaders Pave the Way for Radical Changes


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In a shocking turn of events, American leaders have signed a WEF treaty aimed at restructuring fundametal aspects of daily life. This treaty outlines plans to ration meat, electricity, and gas, setting ambitious targets to align with the WEF’s green agenda goals by 2030.

The Infiltration of Techno-Communism

The global elite’s influence on Western democracies has reached unprecedented levels, leading to policies that wreak havoc on the economy and sow division within society. The latest phase involves the infiltration of universities and high-income earners, with America’s wealthiest citizens supporting the WEF’s controversial plan to ration essential resources.

Elite Approval and Public Resistance

Surprisingly, polling data from the Committee to Unleash Prosperity (CUP) reveals widespread support among higher-income Americans and top university graduates for rationing gas, meat, and electricity to combat climate change. However, a stark contrast emerges as 63% of the general population opposes such policies. This highlights a growing divide between the elite class and and the rest of society.

Hypocrisy Among the Elite

The findings also expose a concerning trend of hypocrisy, with 84% of those supporting rationing policies identifying as Biden supporters. This apparent disregard for the concerns of ordinary citizens raises questions about the motivations behind these measures. It becomes evident that there is one set of rules for the elite and another for the general population.

Global Backlash and Grassroots Resistance

Despite the elite’s attempts to enforce their agenda, a global resistance is emerging. Farmers in Germany, France, and the Netherlands protest against WEF-influenced policies, demanding their governments stand against Klaus Schwab’s demands. In the United States, Democrat-controlled Chicago is taking drastic measures, moving to ban natural gas in new homes to meet WEF’s Net Zero goals.

Stripping Freedoms: Bans on Gas Stoves and Meat Consumption

The Biden administration’s proposed rule to ban half of all gas stoves, coupled with New York State’s legislation favoring induction ranges and heat pumps in new buildings, reveals a concerning pattern. Far-left lawmakers in Washington state even propose jail time for gardeners using gas-powered tools. This heightened level of control raises alarms about the erosion of personal freedoms.

City Initiatives and Global Impact

Major American cities, forming the “C40 Cities Climate Leadership Group,” have pledged to ban meat, dairy, and private car ownership by 2030. This ambitious target has inspired global cities like LOndon to follow suit, pledging to reduce citizens’ quality of life drastically. The outlined mandatory rules, from zero meat consumption to limited clothing items per person, underscore the extreme nature of these measures.

Unraveling the WEF’s Grand Plan

Amid rising inflation, supply chain crises, and impending food shortages, the elite’s focus on depopulation becomes more apparent. The WEF’s grand plan to degrade the human race, as revealed in their policies, points to a disturbing future. However, thanks to those who resist the elite’s brainwashing, a glimmer of hope remains. The global elite may find it harder than anticipated to enforce their vision on a populace unwilling to submit.

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