House Speaker Defends Impeachment Inquiry into President Biden, Calls Previous Impeachment a ‘Sham’


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On Tuesday, House Speaker Mike Johnson staunchly defended the forthcoming vote to formalize an impeachment inquiry into President Biden, emphasizing the Republican commitment to the “rule of law.” He labeled the past Democratic-led impeachment of former President Trump as a “sham impeachment.”

During an interview with Fox NEws’ Chad Pergram, Johnson addressed queries about the GOP’s anticipation to hold an impeachment vote before the 2024 presidential election. He highlighted the House Republicans’ frustration, citing obstacles faced in their investigation into Biden’s alleged involvement in his son Hunter’s business affairs. According to Johnson, the White House has obstructed the investigation by withholding witnesses and thousands of documents.

The scheduled vote on the resolution to formalize the House impeachment inquiry, slated for Wednesday, does not equate to an actual vote for impeachment.

Speaking at the House Republican Conference press conference, Johnson emphasized the constitutional responsibility to proceed, clarifying that this decision wasn’t driven by politics but by legal obligations. He stressed the imperative to follow the truth, irrespective of personal opinions, adhering strictly to constitutional mandates.

Acknowledging public impatience over the time invested in the impeachment probe, Johnson underscored that this deliberation aligned with the Founders’ intentions. He highlighted the distinction from previous impeachment processes, emphasizing the methodical approach dictated by the Constitution.

Responding to queries regarding potential pressure to impeach the president before the election, Johnson reiterated the commitment to follow the legal process rather than succumb to political pressure. He affirmed that no prejudgments would be made, reiterating the unwavering dedication to upholding the rule of law.

Later in the press conference, House Majority Whip Rep. Tom Emmer noted the Justice Department’s refusal to permit two attorneys to testify before the House Judiciary Committee. Emmer highlighted the White House’s stance on non-compliance with subpoenas and interviews without a formal vote. He emphasized that passing the resolution would reinforce their position to enforce subpoenas and establish a clear investigative process.

Emmer reiterated that that voting in favor of an impeachment inquiry did not automatically imply impeachment proceedings. He emphasized the commitment to uncovering evidence of grave offenses before considering further steps. Emmer concluded by affirming that no individual, including President Biden, was above the law.

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