Bidenomics” Struggles to Gain Traction: Public Perception and the Pandemic’s Lasting Impact


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Treasury Secretary Janet Yellen recently addressed concerns about the public’s reception of “BIdenomics,” President Biden’s economic strategies, attributing its struggle for acceptance partly to the enduring repercussions of the COVID-19 pandemic. In an interview with Nick Timiraos from the Wall Street Journal, she highlighted the disruptive aftermath of the pandemic as a significant factor hindering the effectiveness of Biden’s economic messaging.

Yellen emphasized the profound impact the pandemic had on people’s lives, characterizing it as a substantial shock that continues to reverberate. She acknowledged that while inflation has moderated compared to its peak, certain essential expenses, notably rents, have surged considerably, affecting the daily lives of many.

The term “Bidenomics,” emblematic of the President’s economic policies leading up to the 2024 elections, has faced considerable skepticism and lacks widespread confidence among the American populace. Notably, a significant portion of Americans believes their financial situation has worsened since the 2020 election– an unsettling trend for Biden, who has centered his re-election campaign around the economy and his economic strategies.

A recent Bankrate survey revealed a stark sentiment among Americans regarding their financial well-being post-2020 election, with 50% expressing a deteriorated financial situation, while only 21% perceived an improvement and 26% reported no change. Mark Hamrick, a senior economic analyst at Bankrate, pointed out the significance of the economy’s trajectory over the next year in assessing the wisdom of championing the “Bidenomics” branding for President Biden’s policies.

Interestingly, when it comes to assigning responsibility for the current economic concerns, 45% of pessimistic Americans hold Biden and his economic policies accountable, while 35% attribute it to Congress, and 27% point fingers at the Federal REserve. This mix of sentiments underscores the complexity of public perception regarding the nation’s economic direction.

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