Digital Dating: Unveiling the Dos and Don’ts of Virtual Courtship


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Digital Dating: Unveiling the Dos and Don’ts of Virtual Courtship

Welcome to the exciting world of virtual courtship – where love is just a swipe away and your soulmate is hiding behind a computer screen! In this article, we will be your virtual love guru, unveiling the dos and don’ts of digital dating. Get ready for a rollercoaster of emotions, because we are about to dive into the abyss of online romance!


1. Do perfect your selfie game! Nothing says “potential partner material” like a carefully crafted photo. Make sure your angles are on point, your filters are impeccable, and your duck face is as pouty as ever. Remember, you’re not looking for someone genuine, just someone who appreciates your stunning appearance.

2. Do engage in endless small talk. The key to successful virtual courtship is to never dive into meaningful conversations too quickly. Stick to mundane topics like the weather, what you had for lunch, or your favorite color of socks. After all, who needs deep connections when you can chat aimlessly for hours?

3. Do ghost like a pro. Avoid any signs of commitment and simply vanish into thin air when things get real. Don’t worry; it’s a perfectly acceptable practice in the digital dating world. After all, why bother with awkward breakup conversations when you can just disappear?

4. Do have an extensive checklist for your potential partners. Make sure their height, hair color, and astrological sign align with your requirements. Who cares about personality when you can find your soulmate based solely on shallow criteria? True love is all about aesthetics, right?


1. Don’t be yourself. Authenticity is so overrated, and who wants a partner who genuinely knows them? Instead, create an entirely fictional persona to woo your potential lovers. Just think of it as an opportunity to practice your future career as a novelist!

2. Don’t forget your manners. Insults and offensive remarks are the ultimate way to someone’s heart. Nothing screams “future spouse” like a well-placed sarcastic comment or a carefully constructed insult. It’s all in good fun, right?

3. Don’t settle for anything less than perfection. If a potential partner has even the tiniest flaw, discard them immediately. Remember, your soulmate must be a flawless masterpiece, just like yourself. Nobody has time for imperfections in the digital dating realm!

4. Don’t disclose too much personal information. While it’s tempting to spill all your secrets, it’s best to save them for the third or fourth date. And by date, I mean a virtual encounter where you both awkwardly sit in front of your screens, desperately trying to find common ground.


Q: Can I find true love through digital dating?
A: Of course, you can! Just keep swiping, ignoring meaningful connections, and approaching virtual relationships with zero sincerity, and true love will surely fall into your lap.

Q: What if I meet someone genuine online?
A: Panic! Run away as fast as you can; genuine people might have ulterior motives. Remember, it’s all about avoiding real connections and staying safely within the virtual walls. It’s the 21st-century way!

Q: Is there a perfect time to ghost someone?
A: Yes, you must strike the perfect balance between leading someone on and making a hasty exit. Wait for them to start developing genuine feelings for you, and then promptly disappear without a trace. It’s all part of the digital dating dance!

So, there you have it, aspiring digital daters! Armed with these crucial dos and don’ts, you are now ready to conquer the world of virtual courtship. Go forth, swipe, chat, and remember: love is just a Wi-Fi connection away!

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