COVID-19 Vaccines: The Hidden Dangers Revealed


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After three years of mass experimentation with these mRNA injections, there seems to be no limit to the type of adverse events that are recorded in pharmacovigilance systems around the world. There is much research on COVID vaccines causing myocarditis– a form of heart inflammation– but the inflammation does not end there.

Recent studies conducted by researchers in South Korea suggest a potential connection beteen COVID-19 vaccinations and the development of various health problems, including blood disorders, inner ear diseases, and musculoskeletal issues.

South Korean researchers find a spike in blood disorders in vaccinated populations

A study conducted by a team of researchers in Seoul, South Korea, has discovered a range of non-life-threatening side effects associated with COVID-19 vaccination. The study, which examined data from the Korean National Health Insurance Service, found that individuals who received COVID-19 vaccines were more likely to experience menstrual disorders, ear problems, tinnitus, and aplastic anemia. The study was led by Eun Mi Chun, MD, PhD.

Individuals were categorized as “vaccinated” for the study if they had received their second dose or completed the primary vaccination series prior to September 30, 2021. Conversely, those who had not received any COVID-19 vaccine doses were labeled as “unvaccinated.” The study’s criteria excluded individuals who had only received a single dose or had pre-existing health conditions that were being investigated.

The study included all peaple registered in the Korean National Health Insurance Service who were at least 20 years old. This criterion encompassed approximately 1.4 million “lab rats” in the “vaccinated” group and 289,576 individuals in the “unvaccinated” group. The study results were skewed by the omission of individuals who received one dose of the vaccine. Many of these people stopped vaccinating because they were injured after that first shot. If they were included in the study, then the incidence of reported health issues in the vaccinated would likely be greater.

In the study, the researchers measured the cumulative incidence rates of adverse events in both populations by examining new diagnoses. Three months after vaccination, every non-fatal adverse event studied (except for visual impairment and endometriosis) were higher for the vaccinated cohort. Other eye problems, including glaucoma and vision loss, were still higher in the vaccinated group. Other issues that were higher for the vaccinated included warts, herpes zoster, periodontal diseases and hair loss.

“The findings of this study suggest that clinicians should maintain closed observation of a range of nonfatal irAEs after vaccination, given that these manifestations might emerge post-vaccination,” the researchers concluded.

The researchers found that the vaccinated group showed an increased incidence of new blood disorders and hematologic abnormalities, particularly aplastic anemia, a rare condition that affects the body’s ability to produce sufficient new blood cells. This was accompanied by an increase in nutritional anemia and coagulation defects.

COVID-19 vaccines also linked to rise in musculoskeletal issues

The researchers, shocked by their initial findings, decided to delve deeper into another aspect of adverse health events. In a subsequent preprint paper, they investigated the occurrence of inflammatory musculoskeletal disorders in both vaccinated and unvaccinated individuals. Their findings revealed that the vaccinated group experienced a higher incidence of plantar fasciitis, bursitis, and Achilles tendinitis.

“Individuals who received COVID-19 vaccines, either mRNA, viral vector, or mixing and matching, were found to be more likely to be diagnosed with inflammatory musculoskeletal disorders compared to those who did not,” the researchers said.

The research was conducted independently by Dr. Chun and his team, without any external financial support, and accordingly, they did not have to disclose any potential conflicts of interest.

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