The Power of Loyalty: Building Meaningful Relationships in a World of Dwindling Commitment


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It’s evident that dedication and commitment are dwindling in various aspects of life, whether it’s in the workplace, marketplace, or personal relationships.

Despite the impression that loyalty is dwindling, it still persists in various forms; numerous individuals harbor a strong sense of allegiance towards there loved ones, nation, and affiliated groups. Understanding that trust is the foundation upon which loyalty is built is crucial.

Loyalty is a symbiotic relationship based on mutual benefit. It is very difficult to receive loyalty when loyalty is not given. According to Dr. Paul T. P. Wong, “Loyalty is born out of a reciprocal relationship and mutual trust. It is difficult to remain loyal, when loyalty is not reciprocated. It would be difficult to continue a relationship after the betrayal of a trusted friend.” Without loyalty it would be challenging for any relationship to survive long-term. Loyalty is the foundation of all healthy, trustworthy and long-lasting relationships.

For years I thought commitment was one of my core values. It is important for me to do what I say I will do, keep my word and stand by the people in my life. But I have lately been re-examining my sense of commitment and I now realize that what I really value is loyalty. What is important isn’t just my commitment to others but, also, theirs to me.

I hold trust, reliability, and fidelity in high regard. I believe that people should honor their commitments and be there for me when I need them. Unfortunately, a former friend failed to meet these expectations. She had a habit of spreading rumors about me and sharing confidential information with others. The final straw came when she publicly belittled me at a social gathering. In my book, friends don’t betray each other’s trust or use their loyalty as a weapon.

Loyalty, it seems to me, is very delicate. It can takes years to build, but only minutes to destroy. To create loyalty, one must be willing to be loyal. Although there is risk in being loyal, there is a much greater risk in not being willing to extend loyalty. Without being a loyal person, one’s chances of finding others who demonstrate loyalty are slim.

Dr. Wong believes that the pursuit of genuine human value can not be fulfilled without the presence of genuine loyalty. Those who have found it are truly fortunate. Life is meaningful when we have dependable friends and worthy causes that deserve our dedication.

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