Will the U.S. Persist with War?


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Amidst the chaotic symphony of political maneuvering, one question resonates: will the U.S. continue fueling the flames of war in Ukraine? Like a suspenseful drama, the Biden administration is fervently pushing for an additional $60 billion in aid to bolster Ukraine’s war efforts, stacking atop the already staggering sum of several hundred billion dollars previously allocated.

Stalled Progress: A Political Stalemate

Picture this: Last summer, the proposal fluttered into the political arena, only to find itself entangled in the intricate web of Senate and House bureaucracy ever since. While the House swiftly passed a bill to aid Israel, the Senate hit the brakes, insisting on intertwining Israel’s aid with Ukraine’s financial lifeline.

A Bill of Unpopularity

In a desperate attempt to consolidate aid efforts, the Senate bundled Ukraine, Israel, and Taiwan into one comprehensive bill, garnished with a sprinkle of funds for border security. However, this concoction proved unpalatable, failing to even muster a sliver of support for passage.

A Capitol Recess: Political Limbo

As Congress embarks on its well-deserved Easter recess, the corridors of power fall silent, leaving vital decisions suspended in mid-air until mid-April. Yet amidst this hiatus, a crucial query lingers unanswered: what does Ukraine intend to do with the influx of cash?

Empty Shelves, Hollow Pockets

Imagine holding a wallet brimming with crisp $100 bills, only to find barren shelves mocking your purchasing power. Such is the plight of Ukraine, unable to procure essential 155mm artillery shells due to depleted Western arsenals and unprepared factories. It’s akin to a fruitless shopping spree, where the products simply vanish into thin air.

The Mirage of Western Supremacy

While Western powers flaunt their wonder weapons—tanks, cruise missiles, armored personnel carriers, and precision-guided artillery—the reality paints a starkly different picture. Russia’s relentless onslaught has left these symbols of Western might in ruins, casting a shadow of doubt over their efficacy.

A Humiliating Reality: Ukraine’s Downward Spiral

To put it bluntly, Ukraine is losing the war, with Russian forces steadily advancing on multiple fronts. Despite mounting pressure from Senate hawks and House dissenters, House Speaker Mike Johnson finds himself caught in a political quagmire.

Desperate Measures: A Costly Gambit

In a twist worthy of a Shakespearean tragedy, Johnson contemplates a move more perilous than direct appropriation—plundering $300 billion from Russian central bank assets. Yet, the repercussions of such an audacious act would reverberate far beyond the realm of geopolitics, shattering confidence in the U.S. dollar and triggering economic turmoil of cataclysmic proportions.

The Looming Shadow of Nuclear Fallout

As the specter of nuclear annihilation looms on the horizon, one thing becomes abundantly clear: the stakes have never been higher. Unless the drums of war fall silent soon, we may find ourselves staring into the abyss of nuclear fallout, with no hope of redemption.

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