Canada’s Ingenious Plan: Tying Your Bank Account to Your Social Credit Score


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As of March 24, 2024, Canada has unveiled its grand scheme to revolutionize banking, hand in hand with the citizens’ social credit score, in what can only be described as a magnificent feat of bureaucratic prowess. Here’s the lowdown on this audacious move:

The Bold Step Towards Total Control

Canada is boldly venturing into uncharted territory by intertwining citizens’ financial endeavors with their social credit scores, effectively hitching their wagons to a draconian system of control. Under the guise of an “open banking” framework, the Great White North is gearing up to undergo a profound transformation in its banking landscape.

The Illusion of Inclusivity

Proponents of this Orwellian escapade paint it as a stroke of inclusivity, a means for banks to seamlessly exchange data and delve into users’ financial affairs. However, beneath this veneer of benevolence lies a sinister agenda—a marriage of social status and financial affairs, granting unparalleled dominion over the populace’s monetary transactions to governments and their bureaucratic lackeys.

Meet Open Banking Excellence (OBE)

Enter the stage, Open Banking Excellence (OBE), a global initiative birthed from the bosom of the World Bank, originating in the UK and spreading its tendrils to 40 nations. This organization touts the amalgamation of social credit scores, banking data, and potentially even digital currency and IDs into one convenient repository, all in the name of progress.

The Grand Vision of Fairness

Helen Child, the matriarch behind Open Banking Excellence, extols the virtues of a fairer, more inclusive society, echoing the sentiments of the ‘Open Society’ ideology championed by none other than the enigmatic billionaire, George Soros. Yet, conspicuously absent from this narrative is a cogent explanation of why such inclusivity is imperative, beyond the incessant drumming of proponents.

The True Agenda Unveiled

Behind the smokescreen of financial inclusion lurks a more sinister truth: the commodification of data in an impending cashless society. Controlling access to money becomes the linchpin for controlling the masses, dictating their movements, transactions, and ultimately, their freedoms.

Beyond Credit Scores: A Brave New World

In the realm of open banking, traditional credit assessments take a backseat, paving the way for a scrutiny of individuals’ suitability for global economic participation based on their ideological leanings. As Canada tightens its grip on dissent under the guise of combating ‘hate,’ the specter of financial ostracization looms large for those deemed unworthy by the powers that be.

The Debanking Dystopia

Instances of debanking, epitomized by the harrowing ordeal of figures like Nigel Farage, illustrate the dystopian reality where individuals are summarily cut off from the financial ecosystem at the whims of banks and governments alike. This phenomenon, witnessed during Covid lockdowns and in authoritarian regimes like China, foreshadows a future where dissenters face economic exile for daring to oppose the status quo.

Central Bank Digital Currency: The Final Frontier

As nations teeter on the brink of adopting Central Bank Digital Currencies (CBDCs), the stage is set for an all-encompassing network housing every facet of citizens’ lives—personal data, digital identities, social credit scores, vaccination records, and, of course, their hard-earned money. The ramifications are clear: a populace stripped of autonomy, shackled to the whims of a globalist cabal bent on total control.

In this dystopian theater of the absurd, Canada’s brazen foray into the melding of finance and social credit scores serves as a cautionary tale—a stark reminder of the perils of trading liberty for the illusion of security. As the world hurtles towards an uncertain future, one can only wonder: Will we break free from the shackles of tyranny, or will we willingly surrender our sovereignty at the altar of convenience?

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