WEF Orders Governments to Destroy Millions of Bees: Are We Heading Towards a Global Famine?


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The World Economic Forum (WEF) has reportedly directed governments worldwide to eliminate millions of honey bees, escalating concerns about an impending global famine. This controversial move has left beekeepers and food security experts alarmed, as bees play a crucial role in agriculture and food production.

Governments Target Healthy Bee Colonies

Beekeepers across the globe are witnessing government officials arriving at their farms, destroying healthy bee colonies without conducting tests for the diseases they claim to control. This aggressive action against bees signals a disturbing trend in food system disruption. Many insiders believe this is a calculated effort to design a worldwide famine, allowing the elite to seize control over humanity.

Do you remember Event 2001?

The Importance of Bees in Agriculture

Renowned bee expert Tomasz Kiljanek from the National Veterinary Research Institute emphasizes the critical role of bees in agriculture. “Bee health is a matter of public concern—bees are crucial for the environment and agriculture by pollinating over 80% of crops and wild plants,” he explains. Without bees, crop production would plummet, leading to severe food shortages.

Global Crackdown on Beekeeping

The crackdown is not limited to a single country. Beekeepers in New Zealand have been ordered to burn millions of healthy bees due to minimal spore detections, which were far below harmful levels. This action has devastated the local food supply and caused significant financial losses for beekeepers.

Australia is experiencing similar challenges. Beekeepers there report that federal officials are destroying bee colonies, further intensifying the war on farmers. The ultimate goal seems to be the disruption of food chains, giving the elite control over the global food supply and production means.

The Elite’s War on Agriculture

This assault on bees is part of a broader campaign against agriculture. Over the past few years, the global elite have driven up food prices and increased food insecurity. Now, by targeting honey bees, they are extending their influence further. Actions such as cutting down forests in North America to “fight climate change” and restricting European farmers underscore their relentless agenda.

Preparing for a Global Famine

A WEF insider has warned that the elite are planning another false flag event, worse than 9/11, to create a “systemic shock” through a global famine. This would enable them to impose mechanisms granting them tyrannical control over humanity. Preparations are already underway, with significant signs evident to those paying attention.

Signs of an Impending Crisis

Several alarming developments hint at the elite’s preparation for this crisis:

  1. Bill Gates and Agricultural Control: Bill Gates has become America’s largest farm owner, raising concerns about his intentions. Other globalist billionaires, like Mark Zuckerberg, are building vast underground bunkers, suggesting they are preparing for something catastrophic.
  2. Impact of the Russia-Ukraine War: The war has disrupted fertilizers and grain supplies, exacerbating food insecurity. Anti-WEF farmer protests in Europe have further strained supply chains, setting the stage for a perfect storm of global tensions.
  3. Preparedness Exercises: Earlier this year, a preparedness exercise in Brussels envisioned a food shortage in Europe leading to a global famine. This event involved EU and government officials, food security experts, and industry representatives, reflecting the elite’s serious concern about a potential food crisis.

The Path to Societal Breakdown

The elite’s plans to engineer a global famine include:

  • Harvest Failures: More frequent harvest failures would impact animal feed prices, curbing livestock and fish production. This would cause ships carrying crops to turn away from Europe to cater to higher bidders elsewhere.
  • Palm Oil Export Limits: Asia’s palm oil export limits could reduce supplies of daily staples, leading to allegations of corporate greed and disinformation.
  • Fertilizer Shortages: Exacerbating the fertilizer shortage would cause grocery prices to skyrocket, placing further stress on the supply chain.
  • Chaos in the Streets: By 2025, widespread chaos, including looting and riots, could occur as people struggle to find food. Livestock farmers might go bankrupt, and the public could direct their anger towards the elite.
  • Attacks on Immigrants: Increased food insecurity could lead to attacks on immigrants, reflecting societal breakdown and misplaced blame.

A Spiritual War Against Humanity

The global elite’s actions reflect a spiritual war against humanity. They tempt us to bow down to evil, as seen in popular culture and media. Songs like Sam Smith’s “Unholy” and Doja Cat’s “Paint the Town Red” promote themes of surrendering to malevolent forces, targeting young minds through platforms like TikTok.

The Need for Vigilance and Awareness

Despite these challenges, awareness is growing. More people are waking up to the truth, seeing the elite for who they are—individuals intent on domination and destruction. By staying informed and vigilant, we can resist their agenda and protect our future.


The reported directive from the WEF to destroy millions of bees is a stark warning of the elite’s broader plans. As we face potential global famine, it is crucial to understand the interconnectedness of these actions and remain alert to the elite’s maneuvers. Through collective awareness and action, we can work towards a more secure and just world.

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