WEF Insider Revelation: Brace Yourselves for Another Theatrical Cyber Shenanigan Set to Disrupt 2024 Election


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According to a supposedly well-connected WEF insider, the countdown to the global elite’s grand spectacle is ticking away. Get ready for a meticulously orchestrated cyber attack on the US power grid that promises to cut off the common folk from the internet, obliterate their savings, and thrust the nation into a chaotic abyss for years. All conveniently paving the way for the elite’s next phase of power consolidation.

While ordinary folks are left scrambling in a Darwinian struggle they’re destined to lose, those anointed as “upgraded humans” by the WEF will conveniently find sanctuary aboard what they’re pompously dubbing their “Technological Noah’s Ark.”

But wait, before you buy into this farce, let’s entertain the irony of it all. Alleged preparations for this impending false flag are apparently underway, with breadcrumbs of deception littering our path for those astute enough to notice.

Just recently, South Carolina primary voters were reportedly left high and dry, unable to cast their votes thanks to conveniently malfunctioning ballot tabulators. Ah, the wonders of modern technology, or should we say, manipulation?

The mainstream media, ever the faithful lapdogs, once scoffed at the notion that vote counting machines were connected to the internet, labeling it a fanciful conspiracy theory. One can’t help but wonder, what else are they lying to us about? Spoiler alert: pretty much everything.

The groundwork for this grand charade was meticulously laid during the Covid pandemic, where fear became the currency of control. And now, this cyber attack is poised to be the pièce de résistance in their Machiavellian playbook.

But fear not, dear citizen! Klaus Schwab, the grand puppet master himself, has already laid out the script. Just observe his manic glee as he waxes poetic about the impending chaos.

The WEF, in cahoots with the United Nations, even had the audacity to simulate such an attack, all in the name of ushering in their new CBDC financial scheme. And of course, who better to blame for this manufactured calamity than Russia or those pesky right-wing extremists?

Prepare yourselves, for the fear-mongering tactics employed during Covid will be recycled for this latest escapade. Digital IDs and CBDCs are on the horizon, and resistance is futile. Compliance will be mandatory if you wish to partake in society, or what’s left of it.

Already, the elite have begun erecting the bars of our digital prison, with “15-minute cities” sprouting up like weeds, and London shops demanding digital codes for entry. Just another day in the dystopian hellscape they’re fashioning for us.

And of course, when the dust settles and the scapegoats are paraded before us, expect conservatives and conspiracy theorists to take center stage. The mainstream media, ever the dutiful mouthpieces, have already begun priming the populace for this inevitable blame game.

But fear not, for the veil is slowly lifting, and more and more are awakening to the elaborate ruse being played upon us. Klaus Schwab’s right-hand lackey, Yuval Noah Harari, has even gone so far as to liken this impending catastrophe to the biblical tale of Noah’s Ark. How quaint.

But make no mistake, dear reader, this is no act of divine providence. Instead of an actual ark, the elite have concocted a Technological Noah’s Ark, reserved exclusively for their chosen few.

Harari, in his infinite wisdom, has already identified the lucky survivors: those who have pledged allegiance to the New World Order, those who have plugged themselves into the matrix, and those who are all too willing to usher in the era of “useless eater” eradication.

Yes, it all sounds like the ramblings of madmen, but such is the nature of those who seek dominion over us. Klaus Schwab and his ilk fancy themselves as gods among mortals, orchestrating our fate with a casual flick of the wrist.

So, as they gleefully discuss their plans for global depopulation, dismissing us mere mortals as inconsequential “homo sapiens,” remember one thing: the joke’s on them. For in their quest for absolute power, they’ve unwittingly sown the seeds of their own downfall.

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