Surge in Long-Term Sickness Correlates with COVID Vaccine Rollout in UK


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The UK has witnessed a significant surge in long-term sickness, with figures soaring by 700,000 since the spring of 2021, coinciding notably with the rollout of experimental COVID-19 vaccines. Healthcare commentator John Campbell, Ph.D., shed light on this concerning trend during a recent video analysis. The discourse stemmed from an exchange in the Houses of Parliament between MPs Andrew Bridgen and Mel Stride, wherein Bridgen highlighted the surge, attributing it to the vaccination drive.

Unveiling the Statistics: Rise in Long-Term Sickness

During the parliamentary exchange, Bridgen underscored a stark rise in long-term sick individuals in the UK, climbing from 2.1 million pre-pandemic to 2.8 million. Notably, Bridgen pointed out that this surge commenced in spring 2021, coinciding with the initiation of the experimental emergency use vaccines. This prompted Bridgen to query whether the minister held an alternative explanation for the surge.

Contested Views: Dismissing Concerns Amid Rising Numbers

In response to Bridgen’s concerns, Stride, the UK’s secretary of state for Work and Pensions, questioned the accuracy of the statement, suggesting a preexisting upward trajectory in long-term sickness numbers. Stride attributed the surge to factors such as mental health issues and musculoskeletal problems. Despite Bridgen’s apprehensions, Stride emphasized his confidence in the safety of COVID-19 vaccines.

Analyzing Data: Insights from Health Advisory and Recovery Team

Campbell, however, expressed disbelief at the dismissal of concerns surrounding vaccine safety. He referenced data from the UK Health Advisory and Recovery Team (HART), a coalition of medical professionals and experts. HART’s analysis, based on data from the UK’s Office for National Statistics, revealed a significant uptick in economically inactive individuals due to long-term sickness, aligning closely with the vaccine rollout period.

Evaluating Causes: Delving into Excess Mortality Trends

Furthermore, Campbell delved into mortality trends, highlighting discrepancies in reporting and monitoring by government agencies. He critiqued the lack of transparency regarding causes of death, citing changes in reporting methodologies that obscured the true extent of excess mortality. Campbell underscored patterns of increased deaths across various age groups, with notable rises in deaths from heart-related ailments.

Questioning Official Responses: Calls for Transparency

Campbell voiced frustration with the government’s handling of excess deaths and long-term sickness data, questioning the adequacy of official responses. He urged for greater transparency and accountability, emphasizing the need for comprehensive investigation into the surge in long-term sickness. Campbell’s analysis underscores the pressing need for thorough examination and acknowledgment of potential correlations between vaccine rollout and health outcomes.

In summary, the surge in long-term sickness in the UK warrants closer scrutiny, especially in light of its temporal alignment with the COVID-19 vaccine rollout. As concerns linger and data continues to emerge, it is imperative for authorities to address public apprehensions with transparency and diligence, ensuring the utmost safety and well-being of the population.

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