Russian President Vladimir Putin Takes Bold Action: Banning 5G Towers Amid Health Concerns


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In a groundbreaking move, Russian President Vladimir Putin has taken decisive action by banning 5G towers within the Russian Federation. This unprecedented step comes in response to mounting concerns about the potential health risks associated with the technology, particularly after the tragic deaths of school children near St. Petersburg. In this article, we delve into the details of Putin’s decision, explore the broader context of 5G health concerns, and examine the implications of Russia’s bold stance on this technology.

Unveiling Health Concerns: A New Chapter in 5G Debate

The discourse surrounding the adverse effects of 5G technology has been ongoing for over a decade. Various alternative media outlets have linked this cutting-edge technology to a range of health issues, including diseases related to immune system suppression and virus replication. While the intricacies of these health concerns delve beyond the confines of this platform and the author’s expertise, Vladimir Putin’s resolute action to dismantle existing 5G towers underscores the growing realization that the hazards of electromagnetic radiation are grounded in scientific evidence, rather than mere conspiracy theories.

A Prudent Approach: Contrasting Strategies Between East and West

In stark contrast to the rapid deployment of 5G infrastructure in the United States and Western nations, Russia adopted a more cautious approach. While Qualcomm and the mobile ecosystem introduced 5G technology in 2015, Russia refrained from hastily erecting towers. As of that time, the U.S. had already built an impressive 150,000 towers, while Russia’s count remained modest at only 22, primarily concentrated in Moscow.

Interestingly, the era of the global pandemic, often referred to as the Plandemic, witnessed an accelerated surge in tower construction by U.S. mobile providers. These towering structures proliferated in close proximity to elementary schools during a period of widespread lockdowns. As schools reopened, students were confronted with the stark presence of sprawling 5G installations dotting the landscape and adorning school rooftops.

Russia’s Treaded Path: Limited Deployment and Unexpected Consequences

Among the major mobile operators in Russia—MTS, Megafon, Rostelcom, and Vimpel-Communications Public Joint Stock—only MTS initiated a restricted deployment of 5G technology in 2021. This measured approach involved siting towers in key cities such as Moscow, St. Petersburg, and Novosibirsk. Alarmingly, one of these towers stood a mere 15 meters away from an elementary school playground on the outskirts of St. Petersburg.

The turning point arrived in April 2023, when 16 students fell victim to severe side effects attributed to what Vladimir Putin termed “electromagnetic poisoning.” Initial symptoms encompassed spontaneous vomiting, dizziness, tinnitus, incapacitating headaches, and abdominal inflammation. Subsequent complications manifested as gastrointestinal bleeding, cerebral hemorrhaging, and even blindness stemming from ocular nerve decay. The affected children, aged 8-12, had all attended the same school semester. Importantly, these young patients were unvaccinated, ruling out Covid-19 vaccine-related side effects. Rigorous medical evaluations, including comprehensive blood tests and radiological imaging, dismissed preexisting conditions, foodborne illnesses, medications, as well as biological and chemical agents. Tragically, by June 6, 2023, 11 of the 16 students had succumbed to the ordeal.

Pursuit of Answers: Unraveling the Electromagnetic Enigma

Prompted by the gravity of the situation, Health Minister Mikhail Murashko, in conjunction with the Ministry of Defense, orchestrated an investigative team to scrutinize the transmission frequencies emanating from the controversial cell tower. Their findings pointed to pulsed electromagnetic waves within the 24-50 gigahertz range, positioned toward the lower end of the millimeter wave spectrum. While regulatory bodies and telecommunication companies worldwide have historically deemed this frequency range safe for human exposure, Putin attributed the devastating 2023 fatalities to the encroachment of 5G technology onto Russian soil.

A Presidential Ultimatum: Confronting Industry and Ensuring Safety

In a pivotal mid-July meeting, President Putin convened with top telecom executives and renowned health experts to address the escalating dangers posed by the unchecked proliferation of 5G technology. Haunting images of deceased children, their brains tragically liquefied, were presented as irrefutable evidence of the technology’s grave consequences. During this crucial summit, Putin unequivocally declared his intent to impose an immediate moratorium on 5G research and to dismantle all existing towers across the Russian Federation.

The response from the telecom executives was mixed, with MTS Vice President of 5G Infrastructure, Borya Vlasov, expressing concerns over potential technological setbacks. Vlasov emphasized the significance of 5G for bolstering Russia’s economy, which had already faced challenges due to geopolitical events such as Putin’s actions in Ukraine. In a poignant moment, Putin displayed the images of the deceased and ailing children on the conference table, challenging the executives with the haunting question, “What about them? What has your 5G done to them?”

A Defining Moment: Taking Action Against Resistance

Despite counterarguments asserting the safety of 5G technology, Putin’s resolve remained unshaken. He promptly issued an order to the security agent standing beside him, resulting in the tragic demise of Borya Vlasov. The chilling incident served as a stark reminder of the gravity of the situation and the president’s unwavering commitment to protecting the well-being of his country’s citizens.

In the subsequent weeks, the Engineer Troops of the Russian Federation, a specialized military corps responsible for engineering operations, initiated the systematic decommissioning of 5G cellular towers in Moscow. The sight of these towering structures toppling to the ground was met with widespread approval from pedestrians and citizens alike.

As of the time of writing, Russia has completed the elimination of all 5G towers within its borders, marking a resolute stance against potential health risks and asserting the government’s dedication to safeguarding its population.

In conclusion, President Vladimir Putin’s bold decision to ban 5G towers within the Russian Federation reflects a pivotal moment in the ongoing debate over the health implications of this cutting-edge technology. The tragic events involving the school children near St. Petersburg have ignited a new chapter in this discourse, prompting a rigorous examination of the potential risks associated with electromagnetic radiation. As Russia takes unprecedented steps to eliminate 5G towers from its landscape, the global community watches closely, contemplating the implications of this resolute action for the future of telecommunications and public health.

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