Bird Flu Bombshell: Did a USDA Lab Leak Spark the Outbreak?


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The McCullough Foundation has released a study claiming that the recent outbreak of HPAI H5N1 bird flu may have originated from lab leaks at the USDA Poultry Lab in Athens, GA, and the Erasmus Medical Center in the Netherlands. Both facilities have been conducting gain-of-function research on bird flu. The study’s findings suggest that genetic evidence points to these labs as the source of the H5N1 clade strain, which is now affecting farms across North America.

According to the study, the outbreak coincides with the USDA lab’s gain-of-function research activities, which involve manipulating viruses to understand their potential to cause pandemics. Dr. Peter McCullough, a prominent figure associated with the study, is calling for an immediate halt to all gain-of-function research, labeling it a national security threat.

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Adding to the controversy, the Biden administration is advocating for mass vaccinations against bird flu, while mainstream media outlets and fact checkers seem to be ignoring the McCullough study’s revelations. This silence has led some to question the transparency of the situation.

In a twist that raises further eyebrows, the Bill & Melinda Gates Institute had already produced an H5N1 vaccine by May, just before the first human case of the virus was reported. This timing has fueled speculations about a potential “Plandemic 2.0,” echoing concerns from the COVID-19 pandemic about the origins and handling of viral outbreaks.

As isolated farms in the U.S. report incurable strains of bird flu, suspicions grow regarding the role of state agents testing for the virus. Some critics argue that these agents could be spreading the infection rather than just testing for it. This situation has sparked debates about biosecurity and the possibility of an engineered global food shortage by 2025, a scenario some believe aligns with the warnings from global elites about an impending economic reset.

The McCullough Foundation’s study emphasizes the urgent need for a moratorium on gain-of-function research to prevent further man-made pandemics, highlighting the critical importance of re-evaluating the safety and ethical implications of such scientific endeavors.

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