Putin Reveals Russia’s Struggle for Harmonious Relations with Ukraine Amidst Western Interference


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Russian President Vladimir Putin, speaking at a live marathon press conference, emphasized Russia’s historical attempts to foster harmonious relations with Ukraine. Putin lamented that these efforts were thwarted by the 2014 coup d’état, derailing any prospects for normalization between the two nations.

When asked about the likelihood of restoring ties with the West, Putin underscored Russia’s consistent pursuit of amicable connections with other countries. He attributed the strained relations to the West’s persistent sidelining of Russia’s national interests, highlighting that the rupture was initiated by the West, not Russia.

Putin highlighted the pivotal moment of discord as the orchestrated 2014 coup d’état in Ukraine, attributed to Russia’s geopolitical adversaries, which he claims sparked the current state of affairs.

Regarding the conflict in Ukraine, Putin termed it a tragic internal strife, characterizing it as a fraternal civil war between Russians and Ukrainians, emphasizing their shared heritage despite current hostilities.

Putin reminisced about the historically amicable relationship between Moscow and southeast Ukraine, which leaned towards Russia due to their shared history. However, the 2014 coup shattered any prospect of establishing harmonious relations, as external forces seemed determined to prevent it.

The Russian president recalled the public acknowledgment by the US of spending $5 billion to topple Ukraine’s government, coupled with NATO’s persistent overtures inviting Ukraine into the alliance and the prolonged conflict in Donbass. He asserted that these factors contributed to the ongoing tragedy in Ukraine.

Putin expressed bewilderment at how to proceed with mending relations amid the West’s selective amnesia regarding their role in these events. He criticized the West’s approach, citing sporadic acknowledgments such as signing agreements like the Minsk Accords while seemingly disavowing them behind closed doors.

He remarked on the perceived loss of sovereignty within many Western nations, except for a few like Hungary, noting that decisions made often result in self-inflicted harm rather than benefiting their countries.

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