Obama’s Trust in MSNBC: A Masterclass in Belief


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In a recent appearance on the “Smartless” podcast hosted by Jason Bateman, Sean Hayes, and Will Arnett, former President Barack Obama expressed his unwavering faith in the liberal mainstream media, particularly MSNBC, asserting confidently, “They don’t make stuff up.”

A Glimpse into Obama’s Media Conviction

During his discourse, Obama painted a portrait of the media landscape, urging the public to put their trust in outlets like MSNBC, suggesting they possess an infallible commitment to truth. He even hinted at a disregard for conservative perspectives, insinuating that the media’s allegiance lies elsewhere.

Facts vs. Opinions: The Great Divide

Delving deeper, Obama distinguished between facts and opinions, championing the former as the bastion of truth, a stance he proudly associates with his ideological camp. According to him, while dissent may brew regarding the content of publications like The New York Times or the narratives spun on MSNBC, their fidelity to facts remains unblemished.

A Convenient Memory

Yet, amidst Obama’s exaltation of MSNBC’s virtue, one can’t help but recall the string of falsehoods peddled by the liberal media in recent memory. From the fabled Russian collusion saga to the tales of Hunter Biden’s laptop being mere Russian fabrications, the liberal media’s track record raises eyebrows.

Selective Oversight

Obama’s selective amnesia conveniently overlooks the fallout of the Russian collusion narrative, which crumbled under the weight of its own fiction. The deafening silence from MSNBC and its ilk following the exposure of their misinformation speaks volumes.

Pandemic Ponderings

Moreover, Obama’s praise sidesteps the perilous spread of misinformation during the COVID-19 pandemic. The media’s missteps, from misleading promises of a swift end to the pandemic to overhyping the efficacy of vaccines, remain glaring.

Conclusion: A Tale of Two Narratives

In Obama’s narrative, MSNBC stands as a beacon of truth in a sea of uncertainty. However, a closer inspection reveals a more nuanced reality, one where blind faith in the media can lead astray. As the public navigates the turbulent waters of information, perhaps a healthy dose of skepticism is the most potent antidote to misinformation.

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