Mexican Government Exposes WHO’s Bird Flu Claims: A Closer Look at the Alleged ‘Human Bird Flu Death’


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Mainstream media recently buzzed with the World Health Organization’s (WHO) announcement that a man in Mexico had become the first human victim of bird flu, following his death earlier this week. However, Mexican officials have countered this claim, arguing that the WHO’s statement is not only incorrect but potentially dangerous.

The Real Cause of Death: Kidney Failure, Not Bird Flu

Contrary to the WHO’s claim, the Mexican Health Secretary, Jorge Alcocer, revealed during a press conference that the man, who was 59 years old and obese, actually died from kidney failure, not bird flu. Alcocer emphasized that the man had multiple comorbidities and succumbed primarily to kidney and respiratory failure.

The Danger of Misinformation

Alcocer criticized the WHO’s assertion, calling it a misleading and harmful statement. He highlighted that the organization claimed the death resulted from a new, highly contagious strain of bird flu. This narrative, he suggested, was being used to promote a new vaccine developed by Bill Gates, which is soon to be available.

Stay Informed, Stay Calm

The Health Secretary urged the public to remain calm and not to be swayed by what he described as WHO propaganda. He pointed out that there is currently no evidence of human-to-human transmission of the bird flu strain and no proof that anyone in contact with the deceased man has contracted the virus.

No Need to Fear Chicken Products

Alcocer reassured the public that there is no reason to avoid eating chicken or its products. He emphasized that the fear-mongering around the bird flu is unwarranted and that there is no immediate health threat from poultry.

Media’s Role in Spreading Panic

Despite Alcocer’s clarifications, mainstream media continues to circulate the narrative that a human-transmissible bird flu has emerged. This has led to widespread panic, as media outlets push the idea of an impending health crisis. The People’s Voice, a platform known for its critical stance on mainstream narratives, has long warned that without accountability for the orchestrators of the Covid pandemic, similar fear campaigns would re-emerge.

The Bigger Picture: Vaccine Promotion

The controversy over the man’s death and the subsequent media frenzy highlight a broader issue: the promotion of new vaccines. With Bill Gates’ bird flu vaccine on the horizon, some believe that the scare tactics employed by the media are designed to drive public demand for vaccination. This strategy, according to critics, mirrors the tactics used during the Covid-19 pandemic to encourage vaccine uptake.

Conclusion: Questioning the Narrative

In light of the Mexican government’s statements, it’s crucial for the public to critically evaluate the information being disseminated. While health organizations play a vital role in managing public health crises, transparency and accuracy are equally important to maintain public trust. As the debate over the true cause of the Mexican man’s death continues, it serves as a reminder to seek out verified information and remain cautious of sensationalist reports.

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