Hunter Biden Caught ‘Assaulting and Dragging’ Young Girl Into Hotel Room in Leaked Security Camera Footage


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Recently surfaced footage from a hotel’s security cameras, which has been widely shared online, appears to show Hunter Biden involved in a disturbing incident where he physically restrains and pulls a young woman towards his hotel room.

In a video that has been likened to the infamous P. Diddy video showing him violently attacking his former girlfriend Cassie, Biden is seen pursuing a frightened young woman and then pulling back into his hotel room by her legs.

The First Son, who was naked in the video, appears to bear the same distinctive tattoos on his upper back of the Finger Lakes Region in Upstate New York.

Meanwhile, during Hunter Biden’s federal gun trial, video footage has emerged of Hallie Biden throwing the First Son’s gun into a dumpster.

The sister-in-law of Hunter Biden, who lost her husband, has come forward to reveal that she discovered his firearm and disposed of it due to concerns about his escalating struggles with crack cocaine dependence. This testimony strengthens the argument made by prosecutors that Hunter Biden, the son of Joe Biden, violated federal law by possessing a gun despite being an unlawful user of controlled substances.

Hallie Biden shared with the jury the instance when she discovered the gun in his vehicle. She explained that she placed it in a leather case, placed the case in a shopping bag, and disposed of it in the garbage bin outside a store close to her residence.

“Overcome with anxiety, she explained that she desperately sought to dispose of the firearm and bullets discovered in the car’s console in October 2018. Her primary concern was to prevent her partner from causing self-harm, and also to protect her children from accidentally stumbling upon the weapon and injuring themselves.”

Aljazeera report: The purchase of the Colt revolver by Hunter Biden– and Hallie Biden’s frenzied disposal of it– are central to the case against him. Federal prosecutors say the president’s son was in the throes of a heavy crack addiction when he bought the gun.

He faces three felony charges for deceiving a gun dealer licensed by the federal government, providing false information on his application regarding drug use, and unlawfully possessing the gun for an extended period of 11 days.

Hunter Biden, who has pleaded not guilty, has said the Justice Department is bending to political pressure from Republicans and that he is being unfairly targeted.

In a recent interview with ABC, President Joe Biden stated that the decision of the jury and confirmed that he will not grant a pardon to his son, Hunter Biden. Hunter Biden is making history as the first child of president to undergo a criminal trial.

The Delaware jury has heard testimony this week from witnesses including his ex-wife and a former girlfriend about the 54-year-old’s past prolific drug use, which he has publicly acknowledged

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