Lindsey Graham Declares Ukraine a ‘Gold Mine’ That the US ‘Can’t Afford to Lose’


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In a striking display of geopolitical candor, US Senator Lindsey Graham recently underscored the dire economic stakes in the ongoing Ukraine conflict, suggesting that the United States simply cannot afford to let Russia seize control of Ukraine’s lucrative mineral assets.

During an interview on CBS’s ‘Face the Nation,’ Graham did not mince words in describing Russian President Vladimir Putin as a “megalomaniac” intent on resurrecting the Russian Empire through military aggression, starting with Ukraine. Clearly, the Senator has no patience for subtlety when addressing the Kremlin’s ambitions.

A Treasure Trove Up for Grabs

Graham emphasized the enormity of Ukraine’s natural wealth, highlighting the nation’s estimated $10 to $12 trillion worth of critical minerals. He stressed that allowing these resources to fall into Russian hands, only to be shared with China, would be an economic disaster of epic proportions. “Ridiculous” was his precise choice of word, illustrating his dismay at the prospect of this “gold mine” slipping away from Western clutches.

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The West’s Strategic Calculations

In his fervent appeal, Graham painted a vivid picture of Ukraine as a future economic powerhouse and invaluable business partner for the West, provided the right support is extended at this critical juncture. He argued that the immense mineral wealth of Ukraine should benefit Ukraine and its Western allies, not bolster the coffers of Putin and his Chinese allies.

“This is a very big deal,” Graham stressed. “Helping Ukraine win this war isn’t just a moral imperative—it’s an economic necessity. Losing access to those trillions in critical minerals to Putin would be sheer lunacy.”

Hawkish Tendencies and Financial Gambits

Long known for his hawkish stance on Russia, Graham once again called for the acceleration of the seizure of $300 billion in frozen Russian sovereign assets, along with designating Russia as a “state sponsor of terrorism.” This double-barreled approach reflects Graham’s unwavering commitment to tightening the screws on Moscow.

The Senator’s comments follow Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orban’s assertion that Western powers are driven by the desire to control Ukraine’s wealth. According to Orban, the prolongation of the conflict serves the interests of Western arms suppliers, creditors, and speculators—a claim that adds a layer of financial intrigue to the geopolitical chess game.

Moscow’s Narrative and Strategic Interests

Contrary to the Western portrayal, Moscow insists its actions are motivated by the need to protect the Russian-speaking population of Donbass from Kiev’s persecution and to safeguard Russia’s own security against NATO’s encroachment. The Kremlin has been adamant that it harbors no intentions of commandeering Ukraine’s resources, focusing instead on ensuring the regions that voted to join Russia, including Crimea, remain under its sovereignty.

The Great Game of Minerals

As the high-stakes drama unfolds, it’s clear that Ukraine’s wealth is a central piece in the grand geopolitical puzzle. Lindsey Graham’s emphatic declarations spotlight the intertwining of moral imperatives with cold, hard economic realities. The race to secure Ukraine’s critical mineral assets is on, and for the US and its allies, the stakes couldn’t be higher.

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