Liberty Under Siege: Supreme Showdown Over Canada’s Draconian COVID Travel Laws!


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In an unprecedented clash of constitutional values, Maxime Bernier and Brian Peckford are gearing up to confront Canada’s COVID travel mandates in the hallowed halls of the Supreme Court. Brace yourselves for a legal spectacle that challenges the very fabric of liberty, as the Justice Centre for Constitutional Freedoms takes on the Canadian government in a battle that will echo through the corridors of power and freedom.

Challenging Canada’s COVID Travel Mandates: A Supreme Court Battle Unfolds

In a groundbreaking move, People’s Party of Canada leader Maxime Bernier and former Newfoundland and Labrador premier Brian Peckford are set to challenge Canada’s COVID travel mandates in the Supreme Court. This pivotal legal battle, driven by the Justice Centre for Constitutional Freedoms (JCCF), aims to scrutinize the constitutionality of restrictions on the unvaccinated for domestic and international travel.

The Pressing Issue at Hand:
The JCCF, in a press release on January 11, underscores the enormity of the public interest in this case. Allison Pejovic, the JCCF lawyer representing Bernier and Peckford, asserts that Canadians deserve clarity on the legality of the federal government preventing travel based on vaccination status. The central question is whether such restrictions align with constitutional freedoms.

Escalating to the Supreme Court:
After the Canadian Federal Court of Appeal dismissed the case in November, citing it as “moot” due to the mandates’ expiration, Bernier and Peckford decided to take their cause to the highest legal authority. This move signifies a two-step process, involving an appeal for the Court’s willingness to hear the case and, if granted, a subsequent hearing scheduled months later.

National Importance and Parliamentary Oversight:
Bernier and Peckford assert that the case holds “national importance” since emergency orders lack parliamentary approval before implementation. This raises concerns about potential government overreach, leaving Canadians vulnerable to rights infringement if orders are rescinded before legal challenges reach the courts.

Persistent Legal Challenges:
The JCCF President, John Carpay, raises a crucial question about the efficacy of the Charter in protecting Canadians from govorment abuses. If emergency orders violating Charter rights are upheld even after they expire, it begs the question of how citizens are safeguarded against such abuses.

Historical Significance and Legal Journey:
Notably, Peckford, the last living signatory of the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms, brings historical significance to the case. The legal journey began in February 2022 when Bernier and Peckford, alongside eight others, challenged the COVID mandates barring vaccine-free individuals from air travel. Despite the federal court deeming the case “moot” in October 2022, an appeal was filed in April 2023, signaling the determination to pursue justice.

Trudeau’s Controversial Remarks:
Amidst the legal battles, the article delves into Trudeau’s controversial remarks during the so-called COVID pandemic. Trudeau’s characterization of those opting out of experimental COVID shots as “terrible people” and his divisive comments questioning their beliefs and character are highlighted.

As Canada braces for a legal showdown in the Supreme Court, the outcome of Bernier and Peckford’s challenge holds significant implications for the intersection of public health mandates and constitutional freedoms. This article sheds light on the unfolding legal saga and the broader implications for Canadians navigating the complex landscape of COVID-related restrictions.

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