Is the $3.5 Trillion Decarbonization Demand Realistic? Unveiling WEF’s Ambitious Plan


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In a world where price tags hit astronomical figures, the WEF’s latest ask of $3.5 trillion annually for decarbonization seems more like a Black Friday deal gone wrong. It’s as if they threw in a “buy now, save the planet” offer, hoping taxpayers won’t notice the fine print. More on this below.

The World Economic Forum (WEF) is advocating for a substantial yearly expenditure of $3.5 trillion from global taxpayers to achieve its “Net Zero” objective, focusing on planetary “decarbonization.”.

According to the WEF’s vision, this solution entails a significant compromise in the general public’s standard of living, accompanied by a substantial transfer of funds to the global elite.

The WEF’s pursuit of “Net Zero” goals aligns with the green agenda of globalists, aiming to address the perceived climate crisis and protect the planet. However, critics argue that “decarbonization” is a cover for the WEF’s depopulation agenda, opposing the interests of humanity.

It’s crucial to note that human activities, particularly the burning of fossil fuels, constitute the primary source of carbon dioxide emissions on Earth. On an average day, an individual emits roughly 2.3 pounds of carbon dioxide through respiration. When scaled to the global population, this results in an estimated annual CO2 output of 3.4 billion tons. Despite this considerable figure, experts highlight the balance in the carbon dioxide cycle, where emissions from humans are offset by absorption through the food consumed.

Nonetheless, the focus of anti-carbon initiatives remains fixed on human activities, disregarding the complexities of this closed-loop cycle.

The WEF insists that this significant financial commitment is indispensable to support the global elite’s efforts in achieving “Net Zero” and ecological restoration.

In a recent collaboration with McKinsey & Company, the WEF proposed an unconventional approach of increasing money printing, devaluing the wealth of regular citizens. This devaluation is deemed necessary to further the ostensibly noble objective of “decarbonization.”.

Their whitepaper, titled “The Role of Public-Private-Philanthropic Partnerships in Driving Climate and Nature Transitions,” outlines a strategy for climate and nature transitions through joint efforts across public, private, and philanthropic sectors.

The report emphasizes the need for up to $3.5 trillion in additional annual investments to achieve “Net Zero” and restore nature. Additionally, it introduces “GIving to Amplify Earth Action (GAEA),” an organization tasked with pressuring government leaders of sovereign nations for these funds.

The plan proposes that private organizations relinquish autonomy to governments in exchange for extensive credit and protection in case of business failure– a structure akin to the Chinese Communist Party’s governance model, a system Klaus Schwab, the WEF’s founder, has praised.

This proposed $3.5 trillion budget nearly equates to 60 percent of the annual U.S. federal budget, with U.S. taxpayers historically bearing a significant burden in such international collaborations.

The WEF, in partnership with Accenture, also stressed the need for $13.5 trillion to prevent a climate catastrophe, accelerating “decarbonization” in their report, mentioning the term 91 times.

These demands extend beyond the WEF, as influential figures like King Charles III, a key figure in the “Great Reset” alongside Klaus Schwab, urged taxpayers at the United Nations’ COP28 summit to contribute $5 trillion annually towards the WEF’s “Net Zero” agenda.

Hot take: If laughter could cut carbon emissions, we ‘d have solved the climate crisis by now!

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