Barack Obama Orders Govt’s To Prepare Public For Imminent Depopulation Event


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The Obamas have returned, and they’re up to their old tricks. They’ve produced a new Netflix film, Leave The World Behind, which depicts a catastrophic cyber attack that brings about a global communication crisis, leaving the world in disarray and paving the way for a new world order, all too conveniently.

The Obama’s plan bears a striking resemblance to the devastating cyber attack catastrophe that Klaus Schwab’s World Economic Forum has been warning about since the Covid pandemic subsided.

The similarities between the Obama’s latest film and the World Economic Forum’s initiatives are so pronounced that it’s neccesary to bring attention to their alarming connections and caution potential viewers about the ominous and potentially harmful message that may be conveyed through this production.

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Nobody who suffered through eight years of the Obama administration will be surprised to hear that the Obamas play the race card in the movie, sneaking in a subplot about how white people can not be trusted.

The Obama’s film unfolds with a lackluster start, and its quality deteriorates further as it progresses.

The official trailer offers a glimpse into the real purpose of the film: a form of predictive programming. Let’s take a closer look at this supposedly entertaining piece.

Remember Klaus Schwab’s disturbing presentation about cyber attacks? Keep that in mind as we watch another video the WEF recently posted about an upcoming “cyber pandemic” and tell me the elite are not programming us.


The Obama’s did not create “Leave The World Behind” for our amusement. Instead, it serves to implant thoughts and notions in our shared psyche, ultimately aiming to acclimate us to increased levels of oppression and panic by presenting them as a natural progression of current events.

The crux of the matter is forecasting through programming.

“Allan Watts’ Definition of Predictive Programming”

The media plays a significant role in shaping public opinion and behavior by introducing and normalizing new ideas and changes, making them more palatable and less controversial when they are eventually implemented by those in power. This process, known as predictive programming, helps to minimize resistance and ensure a smoother transition to new societal norms.

The statement suggests that the Obamas are utilizing psychological tactics to prepare the public for significant societal shifts that have been planned by the elite class with global influence.

The dominant media outlets have been enlisted to propagate fear and shape public opinion. Fox News, in particular, has taken to utilizing sensational language such as “crisis” and “chaos” to create a sense of urgency and alarm among its viewers. However, these words downplay the true severity of the situation.

As usual, Fox NEws gives their audience a sneak peek of the truth, but they do not go nearly far enough.

The threat of China infiltrating our critical systems is just the visible part of a larger, more sinister plan. The real danger lies with the global elite, led by Klaus Schwab and the World Economic Forum (WEF), who hvae been warning for years of a devastating cyber attack that will cripple Western society, create chaos, and pave the way for a new world order.

The powerful elite are secretly plotting to create a state of pandemonium, which will pave the way for the establishment of a New World Order. Recently, Oliver Dowden, the British Deputy Prime Minister and a member of the World Economic Forum, cautioned the public that they should prepare for a future where they will be forced to rely on non-digital means of communication and survival, as the internet and power grids are likely to fail.

It’s time for us to resist the onslaught of predictive programming that threatens to shape our perceptions and attitudes. Although real-life events may not yet match the extreme scenarios depicted in films like Obama’s Leave The World Behind, these movies still have the power to influence our collective psyche. If we allow them to set the tone for our future, we risk normalizing draconian measures and compromising our values. Let’s refuse to accept such a fate and instead, let’s strive for a world where freedom and human rights are paramount.

It’s important to recognize that we don’t need to engage with this movie, which is actually a form of brainwashing. Additionally, we must ensure that the harmful ideas presented in the movie don’t spread to the real world.

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