Is Orbán Right About the Third World War Looming?


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In an exclusive interview with Tucker Carlson, Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orbán shared his insightful perspective on the Russia-Ukraine war and the West’s misconceptions about Russian President Vladimir Putin. Orbán’s candid assessment sheds light on the complexities of the conflict and the need for a nuanced approach to international relations.

Orbán’s interview reveals that solving geopolitical tensions is as easy as calling back your favorite reality TV star to lead the world. Who needs diplomacy when you can just “Trump” your problems away? In all seriousness, while Orbán’s unfiltered insights bring some levity to the complicated world of international politics, let’s hope that the global stage doesn’t turn into a reality show. As for the impending third world war, perhaps we can all collectively agree that there are far better ways to bond over shared experiences.

Misconceptions and Lies: Orbán’s Take

Orbán’s interview begins with a bold assertion: “It is not just a misunderstanding, it is a lie.” He counters the prevailing narrative in American media that ‘Ukraine is winning’ the war. According to Orbán, this assertion reflects not mere misunderstanding, but a deliberate falsehood propagated by certain quarters.

He highlights a crucial point: the Biden administration’s failure to comprehend Russia’s motivations and actions. Orbán warns against the grave consequences of attempting to remove Putin, as it could lead to destabilizing outcomes in the region.

Understanding Russia’s Complex Motivations

Orbán delves into the intricacies of comprehending Russia, acknowledging the difficulty, especially when there is a vast ocean separating Western nations from Russia. He draws attention to a fundamental difference in focus: while Western political discussions revolve around freedom, Russian conversations are centered on maintaining national unity.

The Hungarian Prime Minister cautions against underestimating the implications of the U.S. strategy, particularly for countries like Hungary that are in closer proximity to the conflict. He emphasizes that it’s essential not to misunderstand the Russians and dismisses the idea that the Russian population would turn against Putin and oust him.

Critique of Western Approaches

Orbán criticizes Vice President Kamala Harris for her suggestion that Ukraine could join NATO, deeming it an unrealistic proposal that only escalates tensions. Instead, he advocates for a fresh security architecture that respects Ukraine’s sovereignty while excluding NATO membership.

The Hungarian PM’s willingness to prioritize his nation’s interests and needs over acquiescing to Washington’s talking points has earned him labels like “fascist” and a “friend of Russia” in Western media.

The Concerns and Values of a Nation

Carlson raises a critical question: “Are you worried about being crushed by the US?” Orbán acknowledges the risks associated with holding a stance that isn’t in alignment with liberal ideologies. However, he reiterates that certain values take precedence over personal concerns, including family, nation, and faith.

He takes immense pride in Hungary’s patriotic and Christian values, which remain steadfast despite the prevailing political ideologies of Western societies.

The Geopolitical Realities

Orbán simplifies the geopolitical dynamics by emphasizing the significance of proximity. He underscores that while Washington might be far away, the decisions made there can have immediate and far-reaching consequences for nations like Hungary that are closer to the conflict.

He notes the inherent danger when the United States, under a certain administration, considers a nation as an enemy or an obstacle to its objectives. Orbán’s concern reflects the intricate balance of power and diplomacy in international politics.

NATO’s Approach and Orbán’s Perspective

Orbán boldly challenges NATO’s stance on the Ukraine war, labeling it a flawed strategy that needs to be halted. He acknowledges the futility of attempting to defeat the Russians and highlights their resilience. He asserts that the real determinant in conflicts is the presence of boots on the ground, and in this aspect, the Russians hold a distinct advantage.

An Unconventional Endorsement

The interview takes an unexpected turn as Orbán praises former U.S. President Donald Trump. He asserts that despite criticism, Trump’s foreign policy stands as one of the best in recent decades. Orbán commends Trump’s approach of avoiding new wars and fostering relationships with North Korea, Russia, and even China. He singles out the Abraham Accords as a significant achievement.

Orbán refutes the notion that Trump lacked an understanding of foreign policy and emphasizes that his pragmatic approach yielded substantial results. He even posits that, had Trump been in office during the Russian invasion, the situation might have played out differently.

Challenging Legal Maneuvers

The Hungarian leader expresses concern over the U.S. government’s indictment of its former president. Orbán raises eyebrows as he compares this action to tactics employed by communists, underscoring the gravity of using the justice system against political opponents.

A Dire Warning

In a sobering conclusion, Orbán warns of the present danger, asserting that the world is on the brink of a third world war. His conviction underscores the gravity of the geopolitical situation, and his words serve as a call for vigilance and cooperation to avert a catastrophic conflict.

In summary, Orbán’s insights shed light on the Russia-Ukraine conflict, Western misunderstandings, and the need for pragmatic diplomacy. His words underscore the importance of comprehending the nuances of global politics and acting in the best interest of nations and humanity as a whole.

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