Imminent Solar Storm: A Looming Threat to 90% of Humanity


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Unveiling the Impending Catastrophe

In a recent interview with Tucker Carlson, renowned actor Dennis Quaid raised alarm bells about an impending solar storm, predicting a catastrophic outcome for Earth. The potential devastation is nothing short of staggering, with experts warning of a 90% wipeout of the human population.

The Solar Storm Menace

Quaid highlighted the certainty of a solar storm, known as a GMD (Geomagnetic Disturbance), capable of causing severe damage. This cosmic event, if it strikes Earth, could compromise our magnetic field, leading to the frying of all electric systems above ground, including the entire power grid.

Lessons from History: The Carrington Event reports a historical precedent, the Carrington Event of 1859, the most potent geomagnetic storm recorded. Triggered by a solar eruption, it fried telegraph lines of that era. However, the impact was limited as society operated primarily off the grid, unlike today.

Modern Vulnerabilities

Fast forward to the present day, and the scenario is vastly different. A solar storm, while not directly harmful to humans, would unleash a cascade of consequences. Quaid envisioned a world where essential services like water supply, gas, digital commerce, transportation, and more would grind to a halt.

The Grim Projection

According to Quaid, studies indicate a staggering 90% mortality rate within a year of a catastrophic grid failure. Urban areas would face the brunt of the crisis, while rural settings might offer better chances of survival with available resources.

America’s Lack of Preparedness

Quaid underscored the alarming lack of preparation in the United States. Despite attempts by Presidents Trump and Obama to safeguard the grid, regulatory hurdles, influenced by energy lobbyists, hindered progress. Most privately-owned power companies are reluctant to invest in the necessary protection measures.

Cost of Protection

Quaid revealed that an investment of $100 billion could install protection relays, acting as a safeguard against transformer damage. Notably, this amount is comparable to the financial aid the U.S. has provided to Ukraine. He emphasized the relative affordability of preventive measures compared to the colossal expense of recovering from a solar storm aftermath.

Dual Threat: Natural and Man-Made

Beyond natural occurrences, the looming threat includes the potential of a super EMP attack by terrorists from U.S. coastlines. This sinister possibility mirrors the impact of a solar event, causing a nationwide power outage lasting months or even years.

A Global Call to Action

Quaid expressed concern that the U.S. lags behind Russia and China in protecting infrastructure from such threats. He urged heightened awareness and governmental action, emphasizing the need for all sectors of the economy to advocate for protective measures.

In conclusion, Quaid debunked the misconception of this threat being akin to a rare asteroid strike, asserting its inevitability and the urgency to prepare for an event that, with a 100% probability, is bound to happen.

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