Boris Johnson’s Startling War Declaration: From Fridge-Hiding to Front Lines


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Buckle up, as the once fridge-hiding politician, Boris Johnson, now claims he’s ready to swap his diplomatic suits for military fatigues. In a bizarre twist, the former UK Prime Minister pledges to join the British Army in the face of potential conflict with Russia. From hiding in fridges to standing in the trenches, Johnson’s transformation is nothing short of astonishing.

In a shocking turn of events, former UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson has declared his readiness to join the British Army in a war against Russia. From dodging journalists in fridges to envisioning himself on the front lines, Johnson’s sudden commitment raises eyebrows and sparks intense debate.

Former UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson has made a bold declaration, asserting that he would willingly join the British Army in the event of a war with Russia. Johnson’s proclamation aligns with calls from military leaders advocating conscription to establish a “citizen army” for training and equipping.

The Military Endorsement

General Sir Patrick Sanders, the outgoing Chief of the General Staff, recently emphasized the need for a “citizen army” amid growing concerns about potential hostilities with RUssia. Johnson, in his Daily Mail column on Saturday, expressed his readiness to answer this call to duty.

Johnson’s Enthusiastic Response

In his column, the former Tory leader enthusiastically stated, “Yes, Sah! Lance Corporal Johnson reporting for duty, Sah!” He went on to assure that he would serve for “King and Country,” expressing a willingness to stand alongside General Sanders in the trenches if the situation demanded.

A New CItizen Army

Embracing the concept of a new citizen army, Johnson pondered his readiness for battle, declaring, “Do I still have the stuff of battle in me?” Without hesitation, he affirmed, “Of course, I jolly well would. If it really came to it, I would be there in the dugout with General Sanders.”

Backlash and Ridicule

Despite Johnson’s patriotic stance, his statements faced widespread ridicule, especially in light of a recent incident where he reportedly hid in a fridge to avoid a confrontation with a journalist. Critics have pointed out the apparent incongruity between his recent declarations and past actions.

In a world where political figures are closely scrutinized, Johnson’s commitment to military service has sparked skepticism, with many questioning the sincerity of his newfound enthusiasm for serving in the armed forces.


While Boris Johnson’s call to arms might be met with skepticism and ridicule, it raises questions about the role of political leaders in times of potential conflict. As geopolitical tensions persist, the intersection of politics and military service continues to be a topic of public debate.

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