British MP’s Outrageous Claim: “COVID Vaccines Cause More Deaths Than the Holocaust”


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In a shocking turn of events, British Member of Parliament Andrew Bridgen ignited a firestorm within Parliament with his audacious assertion that COVID-19 vaccines have caused more fatalities than one of the darkest chapters in human history, the Holocaust.

Unveiling the Startling Allegation

During a recent session, Bridgen boldly proclaimed that the experimental mRNA vaccines have led to the demise of “between 10 and 20 million people,” sending ripples of disbelief and condemnation through the parliamentary halls. He spared no one, accusing his fellow MPs of having “blood on their hands” for their complicity in promoting what he termed as a mass health catastrophe.

Uncovering the Truth: COVID-19 Vaccines and Their Impact

A Case of “Mounting Evidence”

Bridgen, undeterred by the incredulity of his peers, bolstered his claim by referencing a Japanese research paper that allegedly established a damning correlation between booster shots and increased cancer rates. Asserting the gravity of the situation, he pointed fingers at Pfizer, alleging that the pharmaceutical giant had concealed crucial information regarding the Simian Virus 40 (SV40) promoter region in their vaccines, thereby exacerbating the risk of cancer.

The Grim Accusation Unveiled

With unwavering conviction, Bridgen accused MPs of being knee-deep in a sea of blood, having inundated the populace with assurances of vaccine safety and efficacy while conveniently overlooking mounting evidence to the contrary. With a cynical twist, he hinted at the upcoming general election, insinuating that political expediency was prioritized over public health concerns.

A Chilling Parallel

Drawing a chilling parallel, Bridgen equated the COVID vaccine rollout to a crime against humanity on par with the Holocaust, eliciting gasps of disbelief and outrage. Warning that the toll of casualties could far exceed initial estimates, he painted a grim picture of a world reeling from the catastrophic aftermath of an ill-conceived vaccination campaign.

The Verdict of Authorities

Despite Bridgen’s fervent accusations, regulatory authorities such as Health Canada and Pfizer vehemently denied any wrongdoing, asserting that the vaccines had undergone rigorous scrutiny and met stringent safety standards. Pfizer’s spokesperson dismissed allegations of SV40 contamination as baseless, emphasizing the vaccine’s approval by multiple regulatory bodies worldwide.

The Grim Toll

However, Bridgen’s allegations find support in a chilling report by the Correlation Research in the Public Interest, which implicates COVID vaccines in a surge of all-cause mortality across 17 countries, resulting in a staggering 17 million deaths globally.

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