Arizona’s Bold Move: Declaring mRNA Vaccines as ‘Biological Weapons of War’


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Arizona has once again taken the lead in making headlines, this time by becoming the first U.S. State to dub the COVID-19 mRNA vaccines as “biological and technological weapons.”

The Arizona GOP’s “Ban the Jab” Resolution

In a move that’s sure to stir the pot, the Arizona GOP has thrown down the gauntlet with its recent resolution, aptly named the “Ban the Jab” initiative. Spearheaded by Dan Schultz of, this resolution sailed through with an overwhelming 96% approval from the party.

Challenging the Status Quo

The resolution doesn’t mince words, calling on Governor Katie Hobbs to criminalize the sale and distribution of all mRNA shots within the state. But that’s not all – it demands the Attorney General to swoop in and “seize all COVID injections” for a forensic deep dive into these so-called ‘vaccines.’

Voices of Skepticism

Fueling the fire are proponents of the resolution, who argue that the vaccines have been rushed into the limelight without adequate testing. They raise valid concerns about potential long-term effects and point to a laundry list of adverse reactions and injuries reported post-vaccination.

Echoes of Doubt

This skepticism isn’t confined to Arizona alone. In fact, 10 Florida Republican County Parties have already jumped on the bandwagon, passing their own versions of ‘Ban the Jab’ resolutions. They’ve called upon Governor Ron DeSantis to slam the distribution brakes and for the Florida Attorney General to snatch up those vials for a thorough forensic analysis.

The Resolution in Detail

The Arizona GOP’s resolution doesn’t pull punches. It lays out a laundry list of grievances, citing Pfizer’s own clinical data revealing alarming statistics – 1,223 deaths, 42,000 adverse cases, and a staggering 158,000 adverse incidents. These numbers paint a grim picture, one that’s hard to ignore.

A Call to Action

With a nod to preserving humanity, the resolution doesn’t stop at mere words. It demands action. From banning the sale and distribution of COVID injections to seizing them all for a forensic audit, it’s a bold move aimed at shaking up the status quo.

Final Thoughts

Arizona’s bold stance sends shockwaves through the nation, challenging the narrative surrounding COVID-19 vaccinations. In a climate rife with skepticism and mistrust, one thing’s for sure – the debate is far from over. As the dust settles, all eyes are on the next chapter in this unfolding saga.

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