WHO’s Power Play: ‘Fake News’ Accusations and Global Control in the Pandemic Treaty Saga


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In a world grappling with the fallout of the ongoing pandemic, the World Health Organization (WHO) is pointing fingers at “fake news, lies, and conspiracy theories” as sovereign nations increasingly pull away from endorsing the controversial Pandemic Treaty. Let’s delve into the unfolding drama surrounding the globalist institution’s power grab and the concerns over national sovereignty.

The WHO’s Blame Game

WHO Director Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus is intensifying his offensive against critics of the Pandemic Treaty, brushing off valid concerns about sovereignty by labeling them as “conspiracy theorists” and purveyors of “fake news.” This strategy, however, raises questions about the WHO’s commitment to addressing genuine apprehensions regarding the proposed treaty.

Unveiling the Pandemic Treaty

The Pandemic Agreement, if ratified, would bestow unprecedented control upon the WHO, allowing it to supersede national governments, curtail free speech, and even incarcerate individuals for disseminating what it deems “misinformation” online. Tedros and team advocate for this global governance shift, yet they sidestep any meaningful engagement with the concerns voiced by skeptics.

The Trust Dilemma

Sovereign nations are left to grapple with a pivotal question: Can they trust the WHO with such sweeping powers? The recent actions of the WHO, indicative of an increasingly authoritarian stance, cast doubt on its ability to wield authority responsibly.

A Global Police Force?

In a move that has raised eyebrows globally, the WHO plans to establish a global police force tasked with penalizing individuals spreading non-mainstream content on the Internet. This ambitious initiative, unveiled in a session ominously named “Disease X,” adds another layer of concern regarding the WHO’s commitment to safeguarding individual freedoms.

Tedros’ Plea for Global Adoption

In a plea for global solidarity, Tedros declared that the adoption of the WHO’s legally binding ‘Pandemic Agreement’ is crucial to combating future health crises. He emphasized the need for a united front, citing the looming deadline for the legislation in May of this year. However, suspicions linger as member states negotiate the terms, with concerns about national interests potentially hindering the process.

A Common Enemy or Power Play?

While Tedros argues that this initiative is about a “common enemy” and the collective fight against future pandemics, critics argue it’s a thinly veiled power play. The WHO’s push for a global agreement and the establishment of a global police force raise questions about the balance between global interests and individual nations’ rights.

In conclusion, as the WHO attempts to wield unprecedented authority on the global stage, the international community watches closely. The evolving saga of the Pandemic Treaty underscores the delicate balance between global health cooperation and preserving the sovereignty of nations. Only time will reveal the true implications of this contentious power struggle orchestrated by the World Health Organization.

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