White House Confirms: No Cognitive Test for President Biden’s Physical EXamination


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In the latest update from the White House, Press Secretary Karine Jean-Pierre has officially stated that President Joe Biden’s forthcoming physical examination will not involve a cognitive test. This confirmation comes amidst recent discussions surrounding Biden’s cognitive abilities, particularly following a report from the Department of Justice suggesting concerns about his memory.

Why President Biden Won’t Take a Cognitive Test

Addressing the matter directly, Jean-Pierre emphasized that the cognitive test isn’t deemed necessary, echoing the sentiments of White House Physician Dr. Kevin O’Connor. She pointed to Biden’s daily performance, citing his interactions with global leaders and his decision-making on both domestic and national security matters as evidence of his cognitive aptitude.

Medical Professionals’ Concerns

The decision not to include a cognitive test comes on the heels of calls from medical professionals urging Biden to undergo a mental competency assessment. Some have voiced suspicions, claiming that “something wasn’t right” with the President’s cognitive state.

Refuting Doubts

Despite mounting scrutiny, Jean-Pierre, along with other Democrats, remains steadfast in their defense of Biden’s cognitive capabilities. She attests to a more alert and engaged Biden during their interactions, portraying him as actively seeking information and making informed decisions.

Personal Connection and Endorsement

Jean-Pierre, who has known Biden since 2009 and considers him a mentor, maintains that the President remains sharp and in control. She reflects on her own experiences with Biden, emphasizing his dedication and acumen in his duties.

Challenges Ahead

While Jean-Pierre and her Democratic colleagues continue to vouch for Biden’s mental acuity, convincing the broader populace remains an ongoing challenge. With doubts persisting, particularly among Republicans, efforts to assuage concerns about Biden’s cognitive health are met with skepticism.

Health Update and Future Prospects

Notably, White House Physician Colonel Kevin O’Connor provided reassurance regarding Biden’s overall health, deeming him a “healthy” and “vigorous” 80-year-old fit for office. However, concerns over his age and health remain pertinent, especially with the prospect of a 2024 presidential run looming.

Final Thoughts

As discussions surrounding President Biden’s cognitive health persist, the decision to forgo a cognitive test during his upcoming physical examination underscores the ongoing debate. While the White House remains steadfast in its assertion of Biden’s cognitive abilities, skepticism persists, highlighting the complexities surrounding the issue.

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