Central Bankers Facing Loss of Control Without CBDCs, Warns European Central Bank


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In a startling revelation, European Central Bank President Christine Lagarde has underscored the urgent need for Central Bank Digital Currencies (CBDCs), stating that failure to implement them could result in central bankers losing their influence over humanity.

The Urgent Call for CBDCs

Lagarde boldly expressed that central bankers are at risk of losing their pivotal role unless they respond promptly to the growing demand for digital payments by introducing CBDCs. She emphasized the necessity of phasing out cash entirely to facilitate comprehensive monitoring and control of transactions by the global elite.

The Growing Concern Over Cash

This isn’t the first time Lagarde has hinted at the elite’s intentions to deploy CBDCs as a means of controlling the populace. Last April, she inadvertently revealed plans for a digital euro during a prank call, admitting to stringent monitoring and control measures over transactions.

Unveiling the Master Plan

The looming transition to CBDCs unfolds a meticulously crafted agenda:

Ban on Cash: Cash will be replaced by central bank digital currency, eliminating physical currency from circulation.

Digital Wallets and IDs: Access to funds will be restricted to digital wallets linked to individual digital IDs, ensuring centralized control over financial transactions.

State Surveillance: Every transaction will be scrutinized by the state, granting authorities unprecedented control over expenditure.

Carbon Tracking: Purchases will be subjected to personal carbon tracking, curtailing individual freedom and enforcing a constrained lifestyle.

The Opposition and Concerns

Despite the push for CBDCs, there’s resistance from certain quarters. Former President Trump, for instance, pledged to outlaw CBDCs, citing concerns over government overreach and absolute control over individuals’ finances.


The urgency emphasized by Lagarde underscores the pivotal moment we face regarding the future of currency and financial control. As the debate over CBDCs intensifies, it’s imperative for individuals to stay informed and engaged in shaping the financial landscape of tomorrow.

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