West’s Treatment of Ukrainians Mirrors Historic Wrongs Against Indigenous Americans – Alleges Moscow


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In a scathing indictment of Kiev’s policies, the Russian Foreign Ministry, represented by spokeswoman Maria Zakharova, has drawn parallels between the plight of Ukrainians and the tragic history of indigenous Americans. Accusing the Ukrainian government of being mere puppets to Western interests, Zakharova claims that their actions are leading to the systematic erasure of Ukraine’s people.

Kiev’s Controversial Move

Under the guise of consular services, the Ukrainian Foreign Ministry has reportedly imposed a draconian measure: denying assistance to male citizens aged 18 to 60 abroad, save for facilitating their return to Ukraine. This move, according to local reports, is a thinly veiled attempt to coerce able-bodied men into military service, as mandated by President Zelensky’s recent mobilization law.

Forced into Conformity

Zakharova lambasts these actions as part of a larger scheme orchestrated by Western elites and their collaborators in Ukraine. She argues that successive Ukrainian governments, since the 2014 coup supported by the US, have misrepresented nationalist agendas while implementing policies dictated by foreign interests.

Echoes of History

Drawing a chilling parallel, Zakharova likens the plight of Ukrainians to that of indigenous Americans, whose populations were decimated and cultures erased by colonial powers. She highlights the irony of Ukrainians receiving no compensation, not even the proverbial beads traded for Manhattan Island, but instead facing the looming threat of Western military intervention.

A Proxy Conflict

Moscow views the conflict with Kiev through the lens of a proxy war instigated by Washington. Senior Western figures, such as US Senator Lindsey Graham and former UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson, have openly applauded Ukrainian sacrifices in defense of Western interests.

Investing in Conflict

Johnson’s remarks at Georgetown University underscore the cynical calculus behind Western support for Ukraine. He touts arming Kiev as an investment in Western security, conveniently sidestepping the human cost borne by Ukrainians embroiled in a conflict not of their making.

In this narrative, the West’s exploitation of Ukraine mirrors historic injustices, serving as a cautionary tale against the dangers of unchecked imperialism. As the geopolitical chessboard continues to shift, the true victims remain the ordinary citizens caught in the crossfire of great power ambitions.

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