WEF’s Vision: “Useless Humans” Replaced by Avatars and Algorithms


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In a bizarre twist straight out of a sci-fi dystopia, Klaus Schwab, the mastermind behind the World Economic Forum (WEF), has proposed a chilling solution to what he deems as the problem of “useless humans.” According to Schwab, billions of individuals are destined to be replaced by avatars and algorithms, effectively rendering them obsolete.

The WEF’s Dire Plan Unveiled

In a jaw-dropping revelation during a World Economic Forum session back in September 2022, Schwab boldly proclaimed that the future belongs to avatars and algorithms. He envisaged a world where human consciousness is replicated through artificial intelligence, allowing individuals to live on in digital form even after their physical demise.

The Rise of Avatars: A Grim Future Beckons

Schwab’s vision didn’t stop at mere speculation. Just months after his unsettling proclamation, the WEF launched its own version of the metaverse, a virtual realm where avatars reign supreme. Dubbed the Global Collaboration Village, this digital landscape aims to blur the lines between reality and simulation.

Global Shapers: Pawns in WEF’s Game

The Global Shapers Community, an initiative founded by Schwab himself, serves as a breeding ground for future leaders handpicked by the WEF. However, critics argue that it’s nothing more than an indoctrination program aimed at grooming obedient subjects for the WEF’s dystopian agenda.

Schwab’s Avatar Obsession: A Cause for Concern

Schwab’s enthusiasm for avatars knows no bounds. Whether it’s pitching the idea to a room full of unsuspecting youths or collaborating with tech giants like Accenture and Microsoft, Schwab is relentless in his pursuit of a digitized future.

Metaverse: Gateway to Digital Enslavement

While the metaverse promises endless possibilities, it also harbors darker implications. With the potential for censorship, surveillance, and control, the WEF’s mastery over this virtual realm could spell doom for individual freedoms.

WEF’s Bid for World Domination

Schwab’s ambitions extend far beyond the virtual realm. By seizing control of emerging technologies like the metaverse, the WEF aims to cement its dominance over global affairs. As Schwab himself declared, those who master these technologies will effectively become the masters of the world.

A Virtual Flop?

Despite the WEF’s efforts to drum up excitement for its Global Collaboration Village, the response has been underwhelming. With only a fraction of expected participants and skepticism abound, it seems that Schwab’s grand vision may not be as universally embraced as he’d hoped.

In conclusion, while Schwab’s vision of a world populated by avatars and algorithms may sound like the stuff of science fiction, the implications are very real. As the WEF continues its march towards digital domination, it’s up to individuals to resist the allure of a virtual utopia and safeguard their autonomy in the face of technological tyranny.

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