WEF’s Stance: Why Conspiracy Theories Are the Top Global Risk in 2024


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In a startling declaration, the World Economic Forum (WEF) asserts that those challenging the established narrative and questioning expert authority are deemed more perilous than terrorists in the year 2024.

The WEF’s Global Risk Report 2024: Managing Director’s Perspective
Ahead of the WEF Summit in Davos, Saadia Zahidi, the managing director, unveiled the Global Risk Report for 2024. Zahidi emphasizes the urgency to suppress what the WEF considers “different perceptions of reality,” labeling conspiracy theorists as a threat to the global elite’s monopoly on truth.

Countering Conspiracy Theories: A Global Priority
According to Zahidi, misinformation and disinformation top the list of global risks, as indicated by the insights gathered from fifteen hundred experts. Contrary to expectations, these theories are deemed more hazardous than terrorism, economic collapse, and the looming possibility of World War 3.

Elections and the Amplification of Risk
Zahidi underscores the heightened danger posed by so-called “conspiracy theories” in 2024, particularly due to impending elections in major economies like the United States and and India. The intersection of misinformation and elections raises concerns about influencing public opinion on a global scale.

The Threat of Diverging Realities
For Zahidi and the WEF, the real peril lies in unauthorized perspectives fostering diverse interpretations of reality. This becomes especially pronounced in critical areas like health and education. The fear is that these alternative views may erode the mainstream narrative, challenging the authority of the global elite.

WEF’s Authoritarian Approach
The authoritative tone from the WEF regarding truth ownership doesn’t come as a surprise. In a move disclosed in April of the previous year, the WEF announced the recruitment of hundreds of thousands of “information warriors” to regulate the internet. Their mission: to police social media and online forums for what they deem as “misinformation” and conspiracy content, promptly silencing dissent.

Infodemic and the WEF’s Definition of Misinformation
According to Klaus Schwab’s WEF, misinformation on the internet constitutes an “infodemic” that poses a “potentially deadly” threat, necessitating a “cure.” Crucially, the WEF’s definition of misinformation encompasses any content that contradicts their narrative. This implies that the legion of information warriors enlisted by the WEF will actively suppress dissent against the globalist elite.

In conclusion, the WEF’s unequivocal stance on conspiracy theories and misinformation underscores the significance they attribute to controlling the narrative. As the world navigates through elections and potential economic downturns, the battle for truth ownership intensifies, revealing the WEF’s commitment to maintaining its status as the sole arbiter of global truth.

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