WEF’s Plan Exposed: Flying Microchips, Surveillance, and Alarming Agendas


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The World Economic Forum (WEF) has unveiled groundbreaking technology, flying microchips as small as a grain of sand, designed for surveillance, thought crime monitoring, and altering human behavior, as reported by Baxter Dmitry. While mainstream media presents a partial narrative, the true intentions behind this innovation are revealed by WEF-funded scientists at Northwestern University.

The WEF’s Flying Microchip Technology: A Double-Edged Sword

The WEF, during its Davos summit, introduced a winged microchip that, inspired by nature, is capable of being carried by the wind. NPR describes it as neither bird nor plane but a microchip that monitors pollution levels and the spread of airborne diseases. However, the real agenda, as admitted by WEF-funded scientists, goes beyond these seemingly innocent applications.

Linguistic Manipulation and Surveillance Intentions

The flying microchips, smaller than a grain of sand, are acknowledged to be intended for disease monitoring and population surveillance. This revelation raises concerns about potential misuse and an extension of authoritarian control. The technology’s clandestine nature, undetectable to the naked eye, further amplifies fears of privacy infringement.

WEF’s Techno-Communist Agenda and Under-the-Skin Plans

The narrative expands to include the WEF’s broader ambitions of creating a techno-communist utopia. Beyond flying microchips, there is a disturbing connection to Bill Gates and his patent granting exclusive rights to computerize human bodies for use as local wireless networks. The patent, US Patent 6,754,472, outlines the transmission of power and data using the human body, marking a controversial venture into altering the essence of human existence.

Bill Gates and the “God-Like” Experimentation on Human Lives

The patent granting exclusive rights to Bill Gates raises ethical concerns, with Robert F. Kennedy Jr. accusing Gates of having a “God-like willingness to experiment with the lives of lesser humans.” Kennedy Jr. suggests that Gates, through his wealth, has acquired powers exceeding those wielded by presidents, using them to experiment on humans as if they were guinea pigs.

WEF’s Designing of the Future and Ominous FDA Developments

Yuval Noah Harari, a figure associated with the WEF, declares that the WEF will be the designers of the future of life, overshadowing traditional concepts of a higher power. The merger of Bill Gates’ revolutions in computer science and biological sciences is framed as a scientific experiment on humanity. Additionally, recent changes by the FDA, removing the necessity for informed consent in clinical trials, add another layer of concern about the implications of these experiments.

Defying the Global Elite’s Plans for Techno-Communist Transhumanism

As the WEF and Bill Gates spearhead experiments on human bodies and minds, civil liberties groups express outrage. The call to break free from the shackles imposed by the global elite becomes urgent. Understanding their plans for techno-communist transhumanism is crucial to resisting their control. Awareness and action are vital in ensuring individual autonomy and preventing the dystopian future envisioned by those at the forefront of these experiments.

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