WEF Exposed: Puppeteering Canada’s Climate Agenda


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Unveiling the WEF’s Secret Grip on Canada’s Climate Policies

In a bizarre twist of events, leaked documents have unearthed a startling revelation: the World Economic Forum (WEF) has been clandestinely pulling the strings behind Canada’s purportedly independent ‘climate change’ initiatives for an extended period.

The Puppet Masters: WEF’s Covert Role

Shrouded in secrecy, these leaked documents from Canada’s Environment and Climate Change (ECCC) department paint a disconcerting picture. They unveil a sinister narrative wherein the WEF operates as a shadowy figurehead dictating the trajectory of Canada’s environmental policies.

Taxpayer Funds Funnelled to WEF: A Scandal Unveiled

Shockingly, it appears that taxpayer money has been surreptitiously funneled into the coffers of the WEF under the guise of governmental cooperation. Former Environment and Climate Change Minister, Catherine McKenna, stands accused of greenlighting a staggering sum of $493,937 to the WEF in August 2019.

WEF’s Machinations Unveiled: A Tale of Influence and Deception

The documents, unearthed in response to probing questions by Conservative MP Leslyn Lewis, lay bare the true extent of the WEF’s reach. The ECCC’s financial support was purportedly aimed at enabling the WEF to produce a report advocating for the preservation of nature.

Carbon Tax Advocacy: WEF’s Coercive Tactics

Unsurprisingly, the WEF’s report conveniently aligns with its agenda, favoring the implementation of a carbon tax. It brazenly calls for audacious policy shifts, proclaiming that the era of ‘business-as-usual’ must come to an abrupt end.

Trudeau’s Dance with the WEF: A Dance of Dollars

The timeline speaks volumes: mere months after the WEF’s directive, Prime Minister Justin Trudeau announced a substantial hike in Canada’s carbon tax scheme. This move, purportedly aimed at curbing emissions, bears an eerie resemblance to the WEF’s prescribed agenda.

WEF’s Tentacles Everywhere: A Chilling Partnership

Disturbingly, this isn’t an isolated incident. The Trudeau government’s cozy $105.3 million contract with the WEF to develop a Known Traveler Digital ID further underscores the extent of their partnership.

The Irony of Environmentalism: Puppeteering Disguised as Progress

In a world where environmentalism is championed as the vanguard of progress, these revelations serve as a stark reminder of the insidious forces at play. The very entities entrusted with safeguarding our planet are, in reality, mere marionettes dancing to the WEF’s tune.

Conclusion: Exposing the Web of Deception

As the veil of deception is lifted, it becomes abundantly clear that Canada’s climate agenda is not driven by altruism but rather by the clandestine machinations of powerful vested interests. It’s time to reclaim our autonomy and chart a course dictated by the will of the people, not the puppet masters pulling the strings from the shadows.

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